security threat / hacker / attack
User ID + password / credentials / authentication

backdoor / abstract security circuits, locks and data blocks

Previously undocumented backdoor targets Microsoft’s Equation Editor

RoyalRoad backdoor delivered via spear phishing was identified in an attack on a Russian-based defense contractor.

Networking cables viewed through a magnifying lens reveal a data breach.

The biggest data breaches in India

CSO Online tracks recent major data breaches in India.

CSO > Invalidated cyber insurance

Buying cyber insurance in 2021? Expect greater scrutiny, higher premiums

Increased frequency of cyberattacks and growing associated costs could mean higher premiums, tighter risk assessments, and changes in coverage this year.

data breach leak security binary code network

Upstox shows MobiKwik how to manage a data breach incident

Admitting to a data breach can help a company rebuild its reputation; flat out denial, if a company is at fault, can only harm it.

executive with city montage enterprise businessman executive

New CSO appointments in India

An updated list of newly-appointed chief information security officers at organizations across India.

security threats and vulnerabilities

Spy groups hack into companies using zero-day flaw in Pulse Secure VPN

Known and unknown groups are using VPN vulnerabilities to circumvent authentication and establish backdoors.

hacker linkedin scam romance scam on social media phishing heart

Top cybercrime gangs use targeted fake job offers to deploy stealthy backdoor

The Golden Chickens cybercriminal gang is believed to sell its more_eggs backdoor for spear phishing campaigns executed using information gleaned from victims' LinkedIn profiles.

backdoor / abstract security circuits, locks and data blocks

PHP backdoor attempt shows need for better code authenticity verification

Attackers were able to place malicious code in the PHP central code repository by impersonating key developers, forcing changes to the PHP Group's infrastructure.

cloud security expert casb binary cloud computing cloud security by metamorworks getty

Cloudflare wants to be your corporate network backbone with centralized management and security

Magic WAN and Magic Firewall aim to simplify linking sites and datacenters while allowing organizations to better enforce security policies.

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