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North Korean threat actor APT43 pivots back to strategic cyberespionage

The APT43 group is highly adept at using social engineering to target individuals and extract sensitive information.

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Noname Security releases API security updates

The latest API security upgrades from Noname focus on expanded testing and discovery.

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HP releases Wolf Connect solution for secure remote PC management

HP releases Wolf Connect solution for secure remote PC management


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Latin American companies, governments need more focus on cybersecurity

A new report shows the growing impact cyberattacks have on Latin American economies. Governments and organizations can do more.

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Spera exits stealth to reveal identity-based threat hunting capabilities

Spera’s ISPM capabilities provides a comprehensive inventory of a customer’s identities, permissions and environments to surface critical anomalies.

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Legacy, password-based authentication systems are failing enterprise security, says study

Sixty percent of respondents hit by an authentication-related cyberattack in the last 12 months agreed that they could have avoided it with a passwordless system.


Skyhawk adds ChatGPT functions to enhance cloud threat detection, incident discovery

Cloud threat detection and response vendor has applied ChatGPT features to its platform in two distinct ways — earlier detection of malicious activity and explicability of attacks as they progress.

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DarkBit puts data from Israel’s Technion university on sale

DarkBit had previously demanded 80 bitcoins as ransom, and said it would sell the data within five days if the ransom went unpaid.

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5 cyber threats retailers are facing — and how they’re fighting back

Ransomware, point-of-sale hacks, and supply chain threats are just a few of the worries for today’s retailers. The stakes are high when you’re handling big money and reams of consumer data.

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AI-fueled search gives more power to the bad guys

How to stay ahead of attacks by learning about the risks of AI-based search engines, what skill sets are needed to defend systems and ensuring employees can learn to use AI tools safely without inviting attackers in.


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Managing security in the cloud through Microsoft Intune

Microsoft’s cloud-based endpoint management service extends Active Directory features to Microsoft Azure cloud.

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Microsoft announces generative AI Security Copilot

Microsoft’s new generative AI security system grafts GPT-4 into its security offerings for integrated analysis and responses.

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Hackers changed tactics, went cross-platform in 2022, says Trend Micro

Ransomware groups are adopting corporate structures, Microsoft macros are no longer an easy target, and the Rust programming language is making it easier to write multiplatform malware.

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Data loss from insider events increase despite IRM programs, says study

Insider risks are difficult to detect, manage and mitigate and can easily evade lackluster, low-budget insider risk management programs with an inadequate training regime.

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5 ways to tell you are not CISO material

Cybersecurity professionals looking at the top job have the technical skills to be come a CISO but may wonder if they have what it takes to lead a team while ensuring management and board support. Here are five ways to tell if you are...