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Have you been ransomware’d yet?

You need to understand why this is one of the most potent attacks – what you must do to avoid becoming a target.

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5 questions Indian CISOs must answer before deploying AI for cybersecurity

India's top CISOs highlight the 5 most important points security leaders ought to bear in mind before deploying AI for cybersecurity.

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Imperative for Indian security leaders to leverage automation continuum: Gartner

Analysts to further discuss the role of automation in security and risk at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019, August 26 -27 in Mumbai, India.


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Why Indian firms need to embrace the ‘Disaster and Recovery’ approach sooner

Leaving risk undressed can have dire consequences, as technology is now the foundation of the business, any disruption in the technology also disrupts the business.

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How much should you spend on security?

Each organization needs to develop its own ongoing process for evaluating needs and justifying security spend. Here's how two CISOs do it.

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How to market security: 8 tips for recruiting users to your cause

Getting users to care about security is a much-lamented challenge. What you need is a marketing plan.

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FaceApp sparks a frenzied witch hunt, but concerns around facial recognition valid

The vastly popular Russia-born FaceApp has the internet in a tizzy. The US, quick to sniff out a Russian conspiracy, is crying wolf over privacy concerns. It does have a point, though.

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GDPR clocks over USD 294 million in penalties so far; British Airways latest on hit list

The tough-as-nails GDPR mandate has imposed its biggest penalty yet on British Airways.

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Adopt a ‘trust, but verify’ approach for a zero trust security environment: Edgar Dias, F5 Networks

With enterprises using digital platforms to engage better with customers, opening digital assets to potential and new customers creates a whole new bunch of security challenges. Edgar Dias, MD, India at F5 Networks, tells us how CSOs...

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Security and business are intertwined: Prasad Mandava, Akamai India

According to Prasad Mandava, Managing Director & VP of Engineering-India at Akamai Technologies, business risk and security risk are inherently proportional to each other today and can’t exist independently of one another.


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Indian enterprises are highly exposed to advanced cyber threats: Bhaskar Bakthavatsalu, Check Point

Today, the vast majority of enterprises in India are only protected against Gen I to III threats-viruses, networks and applications and they remain exposed to advanced cyber threats, says Bhaskar Bakthavatsalu, Managing Director,...

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Why cybersecurity is a central ingredient in evolving digital business models

Rather than being a hindrance, cybersecurity best practices give you a stable foundation on which to innovate...and can be the can be the gateway to re-imagining your business model.

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6 risk factors to know when hiring an MSSP

A managed security services provider can effectively extend an organization's security capabilities or provide affordable security infrastructure if you avoid these common mistakes.

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Are you being tracked through a Bluetooth security vulnerability?

The Bluetooth protocol, which was never that secure to begin with, now allows the bad guys to track your location on some laptops and phones, but worse could be the entry it offers into the IoT.

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The best and worst of Black Hat 2019

Security rock stars? Fake science? This year's Black Hat had it all.