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How training and recognition can reduce cybersecurity stress and burnout

Cybersecurity professionals suffering from stress and burnout can be less productive, more prone to mistakes, and increasingly likely to quit. With the right training and recognition, CISOs can reduce stress and burnout in their teams....

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Sharing sensitive business data with ChatGPT could be risky

ChatGPT and similar large language models learn from the data you put in — and there are big risks in sharing sensitive business information with AI chatbots.

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9 attack surface discovery and management tools

The main goal of cyber asset attack surface management tools is to protect information about a company’s security measures from attackers. Here are 9 tools to consider when deciding what is best for the business.

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Cybersecurity startups to watch for in 2023

These startups are jumping in where most established security vendors have yet to go.

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Why red team exercises for AI should be on a CISO's radar

As AI increasingly becomes part of systems under development, CISOs need to start considering the cyber risks that may originate from such systems and treat it like any traditional application, including running red team exercises.

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When and how to report a breach to the SEC

Publicly traded companies will have to make decisions and prepare for the reporting of cybersecurity breaches to the Securities and Exchange Commission when new requirements are enacted.

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6 reasons why your anti-phishing strategy isn’t working

Phishing is such a successful scam that appears to be here to stay — and only get more effective. From over-reliance on technology to confusing and counterproductive training, here are six reasons why your anti-phishing strategy might...

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Top cybersecurity M&A deals for 2023

Fears of recession, rising interest rates, mass tech layoffs, conservative spending trends are likely to make dealmakers cautious, but an ever-increasing need to defend against bigger and faster attacks will likely keep M&A activity...

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Security Recruiter Directory

To find the right security job or hire the right candidate, you first need to find the right recruiter. CSO's security recruiter directory is your one-stop shop.

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How CISOs can do more with less in turbulent economic times

If you think cybersecurity is recession-proof, think again. The time is now to trim waste and streamline risk management.

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Best and worst data breach responses highlight the do's and don'ts of IR

There are right ways and wrong ways to deal with a cyberattack. Here’s a look back at some of the most egregious and laudable responses by security teams in recent memory.

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How security leaders can effectively manage Gen Z staff

To attract and retain Gen Z professionals CISOs must know what this generation values and their strengths to be an effective part of cybersecurity teams.

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Timeline of the latest LastPass data breaches

Attackers apparently used data taken in an August attack on the password management firm to enable another attack in November.

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Economic pressures are increasing cybersecurity risks; a recession would amp them up more

Insider threats and the rate of successful attacks coupled with corporate cost-cutting efforts have historically hurt cybersecurity programs — and would likely do so again.

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Cybersecurity in wartime: how Ukraine's infosec community is coping

A year into the war, resilience and adaptation, risk and sacrifice are the hallmarks of being a cybersecurity professional in Ukraine.

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What is Traffic Light Protocol? Here's how it supports CISOs in sharing threat data

Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) provides CISOs with best practice guidance on how to share sensitive data within an organization or externally. Here is how to use TLP and more on the latest version, TLP 2.0.

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10 dark web monitoring tools

Enterprises looking to get ahead of data breaches and data leaks can benefit from using dark web monitoring tools and scan for personally identifiable information and even respond to attacks. Here is a list of 10 such tools.

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7 reasons to avoid investing in cyber insurance

Increasing complexity within the cyber insurance market is raising questions over its viability as a business investment. Here are 7 reasons why an organization may be advised to avoid or delay investing in insurance.

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