2016 Winner Profile


Bob Bruns


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Business technology solutions company Avande launched its Hybrid WAN program in response to increasing demands for network reliability and performance. Avande has offices and data centers in more than 25 countries. To optimize its network for cloud services, it chose a Hybrid WAN over an exclusively private backbone. Private WAN connections link the highest volume locations on the network, and the internet balances its traffic through new dynamic multi-point virtual private network (DMVPN) technology. DMVPN enables active management of internet circuits as a core component of the Avanade corporate network. As a result, recurring network charges have been slashed by more than 50 percent saving $1.2 million annually. In addition, it took less than six months for full payoff against the invested operating and capital expenses, while more than doubling network capacity with a 163 percent increase in average bandwidth.

INDUSTRY: Business Services