2017 Winner Profile


Bob Bruns


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: To ensure that the mobile experience of its employees is on par with those that company provides for its customers, Avanade has introduced Mobility Optimization Resource Engagement (MORE), an ongoing, IT-sponsored initiative. MORE's innovative internal crowdsourcing model enables and encourages the development of critical, compliant mobile applications that are tailored to Avanade's specific needs. This approach extends available IT resources and broadens employee engagement in Avanade's continuing pursuit of mobility strategies that optimize work within Avanade. MORE developed and led Mo's MAD (mobile application development) Challenge as a way to engage company-wide involvement in optimizing mobility at Avanade. Mo's MAD Challenge proved an innovative way to dramatically increase attention to mobility within Avanade. Avanade App Center was established as go-to mobility resource, receiving 2,359 visits during Mo's Mobile App Ideation Contest alone. The number of internally developed mobile apps published has doubled since MORE was initiated and Avanade's App Center was established in early 2016. MORE has helped Avanade better hone its mobility strategy to its own specific needs while continuing to enhance the mobile experience of its employees.

INDUSTRY: Business Services