2016 Winner Profile

United Nations Development Programme

Paul Raines

COMPANY WHERE WON: United Nations Development Programme


In October 2014, UN executives agreed that the United Nations should begin providing cybersecurity assistance to developing countries as another way to help develop infrastructure and protect human rights through access to information and the presumption of privacy.

The Bangladeshi government was the first to approach the United Nations Development Programme’s information security unit asking for cybersecurity assistance.

The UNDP assisted the Bangladesh government by providing cybersecurity training to IT personnel in the Bangladesh central bank, military, telecommunications ministry, Access-to-Information (A2I) program, national data center and the national police.

The program also takes a “train-the-trainer” approach so that recipients of the training can return to their home country and provide the same type of training to other national IT personnel. This approach led to the creation of teams of trained incident responders in developing countries who were equipped with the needed procedures, training and capabilities.

INDUSTRY: Nonprofit