2017 Winner Profile

United Nations International Computing Centre

Sameer Chauhan

COMPANY WHERE WON: United Nations International Computing Centre


In 2013, the United Nations acknowledged that information technology has helped advance its ability to bring peace, prosperity and dignity to the world. The next challenge was to explore how the United Nations family could protect those gains and create a more secure cyber environment.

The UNICC Continuous Security Improvement Suite project began in late 2014 to deliver on those goals. The project has four components -- One ICTbox is a rapidly deployable modular infrastructure for UN field offices with built-in security controls. Common Secure is a cyber security information-sharing/threat analysis community network. Common Connect allows UN agencies to collaborate and share information assets. Information Security Governance and Operations offers IS advisory support and operational solutions for smaller UN agencies to implement and manage ISMS standards and processes.

UNICC’s information security solutions have enabled partner agencies to share information security resources and has reduced the cost of building solutions from scratch for all UN agencies.

INDUSTRY: Education Industry