2022 Winner Profile

Microsoft Corporation

Edna Conway

COMPANY WHERE WON: Microsoft Corporation


Project name: Advanced Security and Resiliency Architecture (ASRA) for Cloud Infrastructure Supply Chain

Description:74-91 percent of security risks arise from 3rd party suppliers (Verizon DBIR, CyberRiskAlliance). To earn customer trust, this project launched a new architecture to empirically assess, mitigate and reduce risk throughout Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. It delivers controls via a cloud-based scalable platform that tracks and stores evidence of 3rd parties’ conformity/remediation. Real-time data exchange facilitates:

  • deeper insight and partnership with 3rd parties
  • more efficient reviews as content volume increases
  • swifter action to address new 3rd party security impacts on the business of designing, building and deploying cloud infrastructure.

INDUSTRY: Technology Industry