2022 Winner Profile


Gregory Barnes



Project name: Modern Data Classification - Multilingual Tech

Description:As mergers and acquisitions become an increasingly critical component of Amgen’s corporate strategy, it is essential that we can merge not only our people and processes, but also efficiently ingest, classify, and protect our incoming intellectual property from the get go! In an acquisition, there are over hundreds of thousands of documents that need to be accurately classified. Ensuring consistent outcomes through automation of data classification becomes a compelling value proposition. Additionally, the need for a multi lingual capability is critical to also scale this in different geographies to ensure compliance, protecting privacy data.

Project name: Unified Threat Management

Description:Amgen had undertaken a significant effort to shift their network security strategy in order to address risks to operations and intellectual property in a dynamic cyber threat landscape.

Existing network security solutions included multiple platforms and lacked streamlined organizational management. Financial and process overheads were unnecessarily costly and complex, and cyber threat preparedness was sub-optimal.

The team evaluated Unified Threat Management network solutions, selected a Leader Quadrant solution, and initiated a multi-year migration effort that constitutes the largest IT security transformation in company history.

Project name: Three-Prong Defensive Front in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Description:In 2020, Amgen undertook an ambitious project to help meet our mission to Serve Patients. Recognizing the growing threat of malware, ransomware, and other attacks on SCADA manufacturing systems, Amgen launched a three-pronged defensive front to protect its most sensitive systems. Amgen combined next-generation EDR technology with application allowlisting and systems behavior analysis, which provided clear visibility to the threat space in our global manufacturing environment.

Project name: Global Information Protection Universal Analytics Reporting Database (GUARD)

Description:Amgen established a security analytics platform – Global Information Protection’s Universal Analytics Reporting Database (GUARD) – to address common metrics program challenges while increasing accountability and attentiveness across the organization. Through GUARD, Amgen creates transparency into gaps in security control coverage and drives cross-functional remediation to improve the protection of Amgen’s systems and information. We view Amgen's networks and systems as our very own biology and GUARD is our immune system.

Project name: Amgen's Enterprise Cyber Resilience Program

Description:Amgen initiated an information protection program after notable cyber-incidents and natural disasters, with the goal of providing a more secure and resilient environment enabling continued business operations and delivery of products to patients despite potential control failures. With zero major rollbacks and zero interruptions to manufacturing operations, the program of over 30 complex initiatives successfully addressed risks associated with the prevention of and resilience to viral destructive cyber-attacks and natural disasters - with many of the improvements providing sympathetic benefits against other catastrophic natural disaster events.

Project name: Amgen Threathouse

Description:As threat intelligence teams become saturated with information overload, it becomes more challenging to find information that really matters to us. This can add a burden for analysts who may not have the tools and processes to decide what to prioritize and what to ignore. Amgen’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) team took action to respond to these challenges and as a result established structured processes (planning, collection, processing, analysis, dissemination, feedback) and developed an in-house capability, ThreatHouse, to become the new engine behind Amgen’s CTI activities.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare Industry