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To submit story ideas or contact editors or writers, check out the website's stories to see who writes what and contact them via the link in their bylines. Refer to the About Us page.

Please note that CSO does not publish contributed articles. Interested in reaching our audience with sponsor content? Contact Sales.

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For information on IDG list services, contact us.

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If you encounter a problem while using our site please contact us via email. When possible, please include as much of the following information as you can:

  • A short description of what happened
  • The URL where the problem occurred
  • The browser and version you used and which operating system
  • A screenshot of the problem, including as much of the screen as you can


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For any commercial reproduction of CSO content, you must request permission and purchase a license.

To secure permission for reprints in books, journals, magazines, newspapers, dissertations, educational materials, presentations or training, please visit Copyright Clearance Center at and search for the IDG title

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If you would like to interview an IDG employee or quote an article in your news coverage please contact us.

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