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Siemens focuses on zero trust, legacy hardware, supply chain challenges to ensure cybersecurity of internal systems

Siemens US chief cybersecurity officer Helen Negre discusses how the organization is focusing on zero trust to ensure the security of internal systems across its different lines of business.

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Xage’s new IAM offering provides multilayer authentication for ICS/OT

The multilayer IAM maps services from a user’s multiple identity and active directory providers onto different network layers of ICS/OT systems.

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CISA updates zero trust maturity model to provide an easier launch

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency updated its Zero Trust Maturity Model to include a new stage that could make it easier for organizations to transition to a zero-trust architecture.

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CSO Executive Sessions / ASEAN: Allan Wong on Hong Kong Baptist University’s award-winning implementation of zero trust security

Allan Wong – Director of Information Technology at Hong Kong Baptist University – joins Xiou Ann Lim for this CSO Executive Sessions interview.

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Beyond Identity launches Zero Trust Authentication to align verification with zero-trust principles

Zero Trust Authentication is designed to negate the shortcomings of traditional authentication methods with features including passwordless capability and phishing resistance.

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Athletic shoe maker Brooks runs down cyberattacks with zero-trust segmentation

Protecting the most vital areas of the network first is a practical, doable defense, Brooks found when it implemented Illumio Core’s zero-trust segmentation platform.

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How legacy tech impedes zero trust and what to do about it

Old perimeter-based defenses can throw up roadblocks to implementing a zero-trust strategy, but a measured, phased approach will see you through.

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Dell launches new cybersecurity resources to enhance zero-trust adoption, cyber resilience

Dell announces several new cybersecurity resources including a Zero Trust Center of Excellence that will incorporate the US Department of Defense Zero Trust Reference Architecture.

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97% of enterprises say VPNs are prone to cyberattacks: Study

Since the shift to remote and hybrid work, 44% of organizations have witnessed an increase in exploits targeting VPNs, and many are moving toward zero-trust security, according to a report from Zscaler.

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Sorting zero-trust hype from reality

Zero trust is not a product, but a security methodology based on defense-in-depth and least-privileged access concepts.

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How ABM built a cohesive security program around zero trust

CISO Stephanie Franklin-Thomas advances ABM’s security program with a holistic approach to zero trust, putting equal emphasis on people, process, and technology.

Top cybersecurity products unveiled at Black Hat 2022

Here are some of the most interesting new products launched at Black Hat USA 2022, including zero trust, extended detection and response (XDR), and a host of other threat and vulnerability management offerings.

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Axis adds automation, onboarding features to Atmos ZTNA network access software

Axis is also offering migration tools and a buyback program for those looking to move from legacy ZTNA (zero trust network access) applications.

Consulting firms jump on the Zero Trust bandwagon

Deloitte's new Zero Trust Access service and HCL's collaboration with Palo Alto Networks mark a sustained trend towards offering Zero Trust security services for clients.

Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT / Smart Factory / robotics / automation

NanoLock’s zero-trust cybersecurity suite to protect industrial machinery, production lines

Vendor claims to be the first to offer device-level protection solutions designed for legacy and new industrial machinery and smart factory production lines.

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9 top identity and access management tools

Identity is becoming the new perimeter, and these IAM tools have evolved to help secure assets as organizations rely less on traditional perimeter defenses and move to zero-trust environments.

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The new cybersecurity mandate

Parsing the White House’s cybersecurity directives.

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New SDP 2.0 specification facilitates zero-trust maturity

The Cloud Security Alliance's Software-Defined Perimeter 2.0 specification creates a path to a zero-trust approach through strong access controls.

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