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Twitter Used for Social Good and to Incite Disorder

For an outside entity to say what can be done on social media sites is like trying to discipline someone else's unruly kid.

Windows 8 Update: the End of Adobe Flash?

Microsoft says it will rely on HTML5 for the Metro-style interface of Internet Explorer 10.

Spinoff of Hactivist Group Anonymous Targets Celebrities

A spinoff of the hacktivist collective appears to be getting into the celebrity snooping business

Facebook Scams Popping Up That Exploit Norway Tragedy

Facebook scams are popping up from people looking to exploit Friday's bombing and shootings in Norway. Users should be careful not to click on links they are not familiar with.

Who Are All These Hacker Groups?

Hacker groups that attack or steal—some estimates say there are as many as 6,000 of such groups online with about 50,000 "bad actors" around the world drifting in and out of them—are a threat, but the goals, methods,...

FaceNiff Android App Allows the Clueless to Hack Facebook in Seconds Over Wi-Fi

Stealing cookies to potentially steal users' credentials just got so easy and portable that loony stalkers are probably jumping for joy. Picture this mobile-type scenario, as a person with a rooted Android smartphone casually strolls...

Security firm exploits Chrome zero-day to hack browser, escape sandbox

French security company Vupen said today that it's figured out how to hack Google's Chrome by sidestepping not only the browser's built-in "sandbox" but also by evading Windows 7's integrated anti-exploit technologies.

Internet survives Royal wedding, scammers still lurking

The royal wedding went off without a hitch Friday morning, and the Internet appeared to survive the event as well.

Latest iPad security threat: Fake jailbreak code

An anonymous coder is messing with the heads of jailbreakers – the folks who develop and run code that lets your Apple iOS device load applications without having to rely solely on the company’s iTunes service. The twist:...

Royal Wedding: Will & Kate & YouTube

If you really can't wait for a recorded version of the Royal Wedding come April 29, Google's YouTube unit has announced that the Royal Family will provide a live video stream of the big day's events.

Google Video: it’S a Wrap

Google has warned users of its Google Video service that their content will be obliterated after May 13, as the company formally shifts its multimedia focus to YouTube.

YouTube Acquires Next New Networks to Aid Video Creators

YouTube has acquired web video production startup Next New Networks to help contributors to YouTube make successful videos.

Microsoft Shows Off the Latest in Gesture Interfaces

The future is here (well, sort of) with the latest in gesture technology from Microsoft. Not only could you soon be able to draw without ever touching the screen or a mouse, but the screen could follow your eyes to project a 3D image...

The Phantom of the Floppera is Here: Tech Meets Theatre

It's been a long time now since floppy discs and their drives were significant to file storage--not that you could store much on them anyway. They were also pretty loud to boot up in comparison to CDs and USB sticks. That said, we all...

WatchGuard: Social media apps top security threats

Popularity has its price. Facebook may be the most popular social networking site with more half a million of "active users". But it also tops the list of the "worst applications" for any corporate network, according to research...

Facebook most blacklisted site, says open DNS

Facebook is the most blacklisted website and second most whitelisted too. PayPal is the winner when it comes to phishing according to research from Open DNS

Kinect hack makes robot mimic its master

Here at GeekTech, there have been a lot of great hacks for Microsoft's Kinect, but this robot one has to be the best.

Worst security disasters of 2010

This was the year ‘security’ morphed into the more serious-sounding ‘cybersecurity’. Or, to put it less portentously, the US military and Government had a real shocker.

Facebook API flaw discovered

Social-networking services provider Sendible says it's uncovered a major flaw in how Facebook works and is cooperating with Facebook to fix the issue.

Mistype Twitter or Facebook, win an iPad (or not)

A slip on the keyboard could land Web surfers on questionable survey pages instead of the websites they really want to visit: Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

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