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How to write an information security policy

Learn the critical first step, why consensus is key, what to cover and how make your information security policy — and program — effective.

Red team versus blue team: How to run an effective simulation

Playing the role of an attacker can make your team better at defense. Learn how in our step-by-step guide to war gaming your security infrastructure — from involving the right people to weighing a hypothetical vs. live event.

How to survive (and thrive) in the CISO hot seat

The CISO role is more varied and more pressure-filled than ever. CSO Online looks at how you can be successful in a post where security incidents and management feuds can cost you your job.

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Google hopes cord-cutters will sign up for YouTube TV: 44 channels for $35

Google jumped into the cord-cutter game with its own live TV option without a contract: YouTube TV. For $35 a month, you get 44 different channels.

Special report: platforms play big in the cloud

This latest report in our C-Suite 360 series takes a full-spectrum look at the opportunities and risks in cloud computing, offering up the expert information your organization needs to set its cloud strategy.

Research report: IT security's looming tipping point

Even as security draws board-level attention, many IT professionals give their organizations’ infosec practices low marks. This special report from CIO, CSO and Computerworld reveals how to tip the balance in the right direction.

The CSO identity management survival guide

This guide will help you communicate through the challenges of identity management, learn from success stories and discover the most valuable features of today's identity management tools.

Malicious advertising hits Amazon, YouTube and Yahoo, Cisco says

The 'Kyle and Stan' network has been running since May

Secret video and audio recordings a legal minefield for employers

Thanks to smartphones and wearable technology such as Google Glass recording illegal or inappropriate conversations and behavior in the office couldn't be easier. If your company has a BYOD policy this could spell disaster

How to keep your real name and face out of Google's ads

Google just updated its terms of service to allow the company to use your real name, face and comments in ads. Here's how to stop it.

Tempting new Apple iOS 7 concept videos emerge

The pressure is increasing on Apple to revamp iOS for iPhones and iPads as competitors -- from Samsung to Microsoft to BlackBerry -- roll out advances, and the Apple faithful have no shortage of ideas for what iOS 7 should...

Hacktivist group suspends bank attacks

Halting of ongoing DDoS attacks follows YouTube's removal of controversial anti-Islam video, al-Qassam group says

Anonymous affiliate indicted for threats, stolen credit cards

A Texas grand jury has indicted Barrett Brown, who is accused of assisting the hacker collective Anonymous by posting a video

Megaupload Founder Causes Uproar Over Lawyer Choice

The firm's previous participation in cases involving Google, YouTube, Disney and Fox has raised conflict-of-interest concerns.

LulzSec is back; Anonymous targets Imperva

Hacker collective LulzSec, six of whose members were arrested earlier this month, will resume active operation April 1, according to a video posted on YouTube. "It's ridiculous to believe that by arresting the six prime members of...

Unboxing video of new iPad surfaces ahead of official March 16 availability

A Vietnamese blog has posted a video on YouTube that shows a new iPad being unboxed, ahead of the official March 16 availability date. There are no surprises in the video, though it might give true Apple enthusiasts a quick fix in...

Google Privacy Checklist: What to Do Before Google's Privacy Policy Changes on March 1

If you use Gmail, Google Docs, or any other popular G-service, you're about to surrender a lot more personal information to the Googleplex

36 State AGs Blast Google's Privacy Policy Change

Change will be especially troublesome for Android users, officials warn

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