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Scanning for vulnerabilities.

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How to reset a Kerberos password and get ahead of coming updates

If you haven’t already, now is the time to reset your Kerberos password — take proactive action to ensure that you are one step ahead and prepared nearly a year in advance of future hardening.

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Why it's time to review your Microsoft patch management options

Microsoft does not appear to be updating Windows Software Update Services, but newer patch management options might be a better choice.

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What are the new Windows 11 22H2 security features?

The September Windows 11 update add protections against malicious applications and drivers, phishing, credential misuse, and more.

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Resolving conflicts between security best practices and compliance mandates

Sometimes the latest security best practices don't align with an organization's compliance templates. These are some of the areas where you might need an exception.

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How to keep attackers from using PowerShell against you

New guidance shows how to harden PowerShell and make it more difficult for threat actors to hijack for malicious purposes.

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How to audit Microsoft Active Directory

Patching alone won't fix all known Active Directory vulnerabilities. Here are the steps to audit your Active Directory domains and shore up weaknesses.

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Why you should patch the latest critical Windows RPC vulnerability right now

CVE-2022-26809 can allow attackers to compromise networks without user intervention, making it the most dangerous vulnerability fixed by Microsoft's April 12 Patch Tuesday update.

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Best advice for responding to today's biggest cyber threats

Scary new threats don't necessarily require big changes to your security infrastructure. These simple actions can be more effective and less disruptive.

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Using Windows Defender Application Control to block malicious applications and drivers

WDAC allows security and IT admins to control which applications, drivers and certificates can run on Windows systems.

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Microsoft changes default settings to improve network security

Here's what IT and security admins for Microsoft networks need to know about recent changes to Office and Windows.

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Managing security in hybrid Windows 11 and Windows 10 environments

The transition to Windows 11 from Windows 10 gives organizations the opportunity to review and optimize security tools, settings and policies.

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How to defend Windows networks against destructive cyberattacks

Defending against attacks intended to destroy systems rather than steal or extort requires a different approach, as Russia's cyberattacks against Ukraine demonstrate.

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A 2022 checklist for protecting Microsoft 365 users and data

You have native options to better secure Microsoft 365. Use them effectively and you might save time and money spent on other solutions.

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Active Directory security updates: What you need to know

These Active Directory updates address critical privilege bypass and elevation vulnerabilities. Implement them now if you can.

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Log4j mitigation advice for Microsoft security and IT admins

The Log4j vulnerability affects many applications running on Microsoft networks. Use this advice to determine whether your network has been exploited and to mitigate the issue.

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Your Microsoft network is only as secure as your oldest server

It's time to inventory your network to identify systems to replace or migrate away from.

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Microsoft announces new security, privacy features at Ignite

Microsoft has consolidated some security tools under the Defender brand and added security and privacy features and products. Here's a look at what's new.

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How to prevent sideloading attacks in Windows and Office 365

A few settings in Windows or Office 365 can help stop users from installing malicious apps on their devices.

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