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Microsoft Windows security  >  Windows laptop + logo with binary lock and key

A laptop displays binary code and the flag of China.

Chinese APT group IronHusky exploits zero-day Windows Server privilege escalation

The attackers used the exploit to deploy a new remote shell Trojan called MysterySnail.

network security / secure connections / integrated system of locks

Time to check software and security settings for Windows network vulnerabilities

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and that's a good excuse to review what's running on your network to identify security risks.

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Reviewing software risks on your Windows network

Set aside some time to inventory and analyze the software and settings on your network to identify risks.

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Microsoft Exchange Emergency Mitigation: What admins need to know

The Emergency Mitigation service adds protections to Exchange Server in the wake of recent zero-day compromises.

zeroday software bug skull and crossbones security flaw exploited danger vulnerabilities by gwengoa

How to mitigate the Microsoft Office zero-day attack

Follow this advice to block malicious Office files from doing harm to your network even if you've implemented Microsoft's recommended actions.

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How to mitigate the Microsoft MSHTML remote code execution zero-day

A new zero-day vulnerability allows attackers to gain network access through Microsoft 365 documents. Here’s how to stop it.

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How SMBs should select a security-savvy managed service provider

SMBs typically outsource some or all their IT services to an MSP. Here’s how to find one that takes security seriously.

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NTLM relay attacks explained, and why PetitPotam is the most dangerous

Attackers can intercept legitimate Active Directory authentication requests to gain access to systems. A PetitPotam attack could allow takeover of entire Windows domains.

Microsoft Windows security  >  Windows laptop + logo with binary lock and key

5 steps to improve security on network PCs that can’t run Windows 11

Many networked systems will not be compatible with Windows 11 and its advanced security features. Here's how to keep Windows 10 devices from being a weak link.

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How Windows admins can get started with computer forensics

Analyzing forensics logs requires a unique approach. Here are the basics of what you need to know and the tools to use.

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What Windows admins need to know about computer forensics

Understand these basic elements of computer forensics before you have to review log data for suspicious activity.

Security system alert, warning of a cyberattack.

Wave of native IIS malware hits Windows servers

IIS malware presents diverse, persistent, and growing threats from old and new threat actors.

One lock in a series is unlocked / weakness / vulnerability

6 vulnerabilities Microsoft hasn't patched (or can't)

Your IT and security admins need to be aware of these unpatched Microsoft vulnerabilities so that they can mitigate them in other ways.

cyber attack alert

The most dangerous (and interesting) Microsoft 365 attacks

APT groups are developing new techniques that allow them to avoid detection and exfiltrate hundreds of gigabytes of data from emails, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other applications.

ransomware attack

How to prepare your Windows network for a ransomware attack

Removing barriers to hardening your Windows network and planning your response will minimize disruption from a ransomware attack.

A vault door security mechanism with abstract circuits. / increase security / harden against attacks

Best Mitre D3FEND advice to harden Windows networks

Mitre's recently released D3FEND matrix offers sound guidance for any security admin or CISO looking to harden a Windows network against attack.

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Best Windows network hardening advice from MITRE D3FEND

The new MITRE D3FEND knowledge graph of cybersecurity countermeasures offers solid guidance for Windows admins.

Windows 11 PC devices

Windows 11 hardware requirements will drive security update decisions

Windows 11 is Microsoft's most security-oriented OS ever, but will your network-connected computers support it? Here's how to tell.

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