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Another Huge Reason to Avoid Microsoft's Windows Phone

Microsoft may say it loves open source software, but it certainly has a funny way of showing it. In fact, the company has now banned apps involving any open source licensing from its Windows Phone Marketplace.

Tablet Wars: Developers Speak Out

Chances are if you're looking for the hottest third-party applications for tablet devices you'll find them on the iPad or an Android-powered device, according to a recent survey. Appcelerator, makers of cross-platform app development...

Microsoft Welcoming Geohot to Hack Windows Phone 7?

Microsoft embracing hackers from the start? It appears that Microsoft is inviting iPhone and PS3 hacker Geohot to get creative with Windows Phone 7.Geohot aka George Hotz became famous for hacking Apple iDevices; he worked with...

Cause of Windows Phone 7 Data Spikes Found

Microsoft has found the cause of random, high data usage spikes reported by some Windows Phone 7 users.

Smartphone security: Keep your handset safe

Once upon a time, a phone was just a phone: It simply made and received calls. The only security you worried about was if someone had picked up in the other room to listen in.

Hack: Windows Phone Marketplace App-Security Cracked [Video]

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is growing at a faster rate than any other app store to date, having over 5,250 apps available for Windows Phone 7 according to the Marketplace Browser. And now a "white hat developer" has cracked the...

Microsoft's Mobile Phone Opportunity

Microsoft and partners announced a series of new mobile phones yesterday. The new phones are based upon Windows 7 which replaces the more antiquated Windows Mobile OS. This announcement places Microsoft in an unfamiliar spot, the...

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