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Less than half of Facebook, Google users understood sites' privacy policies

A study points to notifying users within applications as an alternative

Google Posts FCC Report about Street View

The investigation raises ongoing questions about who at Google knew what about its payload data gathering from wireless networks.

Firefox to turn on default encryption for all Google searches

Firefox is used by more than 20 percent of all Internet users

Tangled web: Facebook, SEO, and black-hat tactics colliding (still)

As the ancient proverb says, we are cursed to live in interesting times

DuckDuckGo: Search Engine with an Eye for Privacy

PC-BSD has joined Linux Mint in making this alternative search engine a default part of its operating system.

Despite privacy concerns, Google still dominates search engine realm

Although Google's new privacy policies have proven controversial, that hasn't stopped the company from cementing its position as America's favorite search engine. According the latest survey from the Pew Internet and American Life...

36 State AGs Blast Google's Privacy Policy Change

Change will be especially troublesome for Android users, officials warn

Google Stirs Up Privacy Hornet's Nest

With no opt-out option, Google plans to combine users' data across services

SOPA, PIPA Opponents Celebrate, but Say Work Isn't Done

Opponents of the bills keep up the pressure as PIPA heads toward a key Senate vote on Tuesday

Supporters of SOPA, PIPA Stick to Their Guns

Dismiss widespread online protests as political stunts.

U.S. Lawmakers Flip Their Positions on SOPA, PIPA

Several members of Congress change their minds or come out against the copyright bills

Issa Introduces SOPA Alternative in the House

The OPEN Act would allow copyright holders to file complaints with the U.S. International Trade Commission

SOPA and PIPA: Web Protests Seem to Be a Turning Point

Opponents of the bills say Wednesday's protests have turned the tide against the copyright legislation

Wikipedia, Craigslist, Other Sites Black Out Against SOPA At Midnight

The action by the websites is part of a larger protest against controversial legislation in the U.S.

Groups Launch Campaign Against Lawmakers Supporting SOPA, PIPA

Groups include both conservative and liberal activists

Opponents Step Up Pressure Against SOPA, PIPA

Even after proposed changes, the copyright bills still contain several troublesome sections, opponents say

Sponsor: SOPA Markup Hearing to Resume in February

Smith says he'll push forward with the controversial copyright enforcement legislation

Wikipedia to Go Dark in SOPA Protest, Twitter Declines

Wikipedia's co-founder Jimmy Wales said the controversial legislation is far from dead

Lawmakers Release Draft Alternative to Stop Online Piracy Act

Wyden and Issa ask Web users to comment on their OPEN Act proposal

Senator Threatens Filibuster of Protect IP Act As Vote Nears

A Senate vote on the controversial copyright enforcement bill could come by early December

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