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3 advanced prevention technologies expected to grow in 2018

New advanced protection technologies will help organizations decrease the attack surface and simplify security operations.

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2018 Crowd Research Partners 'Insider Threat Report': hopes and fears revealed

An overwhelming number of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks – but you might be surprised at the top three risk factors enabling this vulnerability.

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What is vulnerability management? Processes and software for prioritizing threats

Organizations handle vulnerability management in various ways, from training and best-practice implementations to filtering out all but the most dangerous threats. Here's a look at some of today's more innovative solutions.

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How NSS Labs' CAWS finds and fixes network threats

The public instance of the CAWS Continuous Security Validation Platform from NSS Labs is a valuable tool for alerting IT teams about real threats with the ability to breach their defenses. But for networks with high security needs,...

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Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric puts vulnerabilities in context

Many vulnerability management programs will direct IT teams to the critical threat on the non-critical asset, and place a midlevel threat on a critical asset thousands of places down on the priority scale. It’s not the program’s...

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Just how smart are Smart Contracts?

The use of Smart Contracts is on a meteoric rise. How safe and secure are they though?

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Crossbow offers live fire cybersecurity vulnerability testing

The vulnerability assessment platform is one of the most realistic tools, but also one of the most dangerous, that CSO has ever reviewed. All of the attacks that it can load or create are real, using actual techniques and tactics...

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Twitter employee deleting POTUS account is a lesson for all companies

A trusted insider turned the lights out on Twitter account of President Donald Trump, reminding us all how superuser access can be abused.

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Which vulnerability to fix first? Kenna Security has the answer

Kenna's vulnerability management platform is designed to prioritize the most dangerous vulnerabilities. Here's how it works.

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Insider threats: the 4 vulnerabilities you’re missing

The next insider threat won’t be a malicious mastermind, he or she may not even be an employee. Are you prepared?

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Cybersecurity: why is it so hard to get anything right?

When it comes to cybersecurity, why does it feel like everything is on fire all the time?

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The need for better proactive cyber defense

We can learn more about bad actors by using the same kinds of visibility techniques many organizations are using to look at their own IT networks. Why not use these same tools to get a better handle on how cybercriminals work?

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How to engage with the C-suite on cyber risk management, part 2

How to engage with the C-suite on cyber risk management, part 2: qualify threats and prioritize risks.

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Preparing your business for the quantum security threat

While scientists may rejoice at the idea of large-scale quantum computing, CISOs are right to feel nervous.

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5 tips for DIY pen testers

Hints, tips and tricks for do-it-yourself penetration testers.

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Software supply chain puts businesses at risk

The new reality in 2017: High-profile breaches, including Equifax, SEC, Deloitte... In this article, former research director at Gartner and current VP at DFLabs, Oliver Rochford uses the CCleaner Breach to explain the unique...

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Want to be a better security leader? Embrace your red team

CyberArk CEO Udi Mokady discusses the need for security leaders to be productively paranoid.

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Vulnerability vs. risk: Knowing the difference improves security

Conflating security terms evokes fear but doesn't help security newbs understand the difference between vulnerabilities and actual risks.

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Software and the acceleration of payment security

As the way payments are accepted continues to change, the PCI Security Standards Council CTO discusses how the Council is supporting these advancements in payments with security standards to protect payment data.

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What is the Heartbleed bug, how does it work and how was it fixed?

The mistake that caused the Heartbleed vulnerability can be traced to a single line of code in OpenSSL, an open source code library. Here's how Heartbleed works and how to fix it if you have an unpatched server.

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