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WatchGuard Launches IOS-Friendly Security Appliance

iPad and iPhone users can access corporate resources securely

Father of SSL Says Despite Attacks, the Security Linchpin has Lots of Life Left

SSL/TLS, the protocol that protects security of e-commerce, has taken a beating lately, with news items ranging from the violation of certificate authorities to the discovery of an exploit that beats the protocol itself. With all the...

IPad Data LP: Security Savior Or Strong-Arm Tactic

It's a late night, and you've fired up Facebook on your ACME.com company-owned iPad to post some bad news. "A reduction in workforce is going to happen this week," you type into your update status field and tap the post...

Identity and Networking

For the past 15 years or so, the networking industry has been hinting at a vision with a snappy title like "identity-driven networking." I first heard this concept in the late 1990s, when Cisco came up with its own spin on this...

Low-Cost SSL Proxy Could Bring Cheaper, Faster Security; Defeat Threats Like Firesheep

Researchers have found a cheaper, faster way to process SSL/TLS with off-the-shelf hardware, a development that could let more Web sites shut down cyber threats posed by the likes of the Firesheep hijacking tool.

Good times projected for network security market in 2011

There's some early optimism about the information technology industry as the world steps into 2011. For one thing, the global network security market is expected to be on the rise, according to estimates from IDC, which forecasts a...

Massive Check-Fraud Botnet Operation Tied to Russia

Check fraud is an old-fashioned kind of crime, but a criminal ring with ties to Russia is using modern cybercrime techniques, including botnets, online databases of financial information and check imaging archives, to run a highly...


Network Security: Three open-source options

Evolutionary IT's Joseph Guarino explains how to achieve network security the open way (Third in a series on open-source security solutions)

Working At Home: a Wi-Fi, H1N1, Family Survival Guide

CIO.com's ultimate guide to surviving the 2009 holiday season: How to visit family and reconnect with old friends and still get done all that work while out of the office.

Swine Flu National Emergency Should Spur Businesses to Action

President Obama's declaration of a national swine flu emergency should send up a red flag to businesses that are still unprepared for a pandemic.


Wireless VPNs: Protecting the Wireless Wanderer

Employees sipping café Java over their wireless laptops may think a VPN makes them safe and secure. With careful configuration, there's some chance they're right

Hoff: Big step for virtualization security

High-availablity VPN virtual appliance from Check Point

VPNs: Go Virtual Young Man, Go Virtual

Exploring new frontiers is often risky. Imagine believing the world is flat and attempting to sail around it anyway.

Virtual Private Networks: Secure Twice, Open Once

The increasing popularity of virtual private network (VPN) technology has recently exposed a number of serious vulnerabilities in the software used to connect thousands of remote offices and workers to their corporate networks.

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