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Further Anonymous and LulzSec Members Arrested

DailyTech reports that federal authorities have been rounding up suspects believed to have been involved with LulzSec and Anonymous' recent criminal activities. One suspect, believed to be LulzSec's spokesperson "Topiary," was...

PlayStation Scam Makes FBI Warning List

Warnings have been posted online about auction site phishing scams, particularly the PlayStation scam, according to the FBI.

Dog Fighting Mobile Game Hacked By Animal Rights Activists

Dog Wars for Android is a simple battle game in the Mafia Wars mold. Not only was it not very good, it also attracted so many complaints for its content that Google removed the game from the Android marketplace back in April. Those...

Google+ Games Launch with Angry Birds, Dragon Age, More

Because, come on, it's not like you didn't see this coming, Google+ is in the process of debuting a bevy of social games from some high-profile developers, including PopCap, Zynga, Rovio, BioWare, and Funzio. As soon as the roll-out...

Farmville in Danger, Hackers Plan to Attack Facebook

In this video, allegedly from the hacker group Anonymous (the group made infamous in gaming circles for the involvement in the recent Sony hacks), a group reveals their plans to take down Facebook on November 5.

Kinect Hack Makes Toy Monkey Mimic Its Master

You can keep your pixelated ghost and your dancing robot Microsoft Kinect hacks--this little dancing monkey hack by Subtours is definitely the cutest dancer we've covered. The monkey will copy your every move as you dance around in...

Sony Xperia Play Hack Puts PS One Games in Your Pocket

Ever wanted to put old PlayStation One classics like Suikoden II, Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man Legends, and Rival Schools on your mobile device? Well, if you happen to be a crack reverse-engineering Android developer...

Alleged LulzSec and Anonymous Spokesperson Arrested

Police in the UK have arrested an 18 year old man believed to be the spokesperson for notorious "hacktivist" groups LulzSec and Anonymous.

Worms Returns, Again

Team 17 has announced that the Worms franchise is to once again return to XBLA, PSN and Steam later this year.

Sony Grappling with 55 U.S. Lawsuits After PSN Hack

It looks like Sony may be going to court, and we're not talking once, or thrice, but 55 times over. Yep, the company's facing a whopping 55 lawsuits in the U.S. alone, reports Reuters, each one related to the massive PlayStation...

Square Enix Sues Hacker Group

A group of Italian hackers leaked out a preview build of Square Enix's upcoming espionage-action-RPG hybrid Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Now the group of 15 hackers is facing litigation and may have to pay "damages in excess of $5000,"...

Games Ads and Phone-Hack Scandal

Two UK retailers have confirmed that they will not be advertising with the News of the World tabloid paper following recent phone-hacking accusations.

Teen Arrested for Sony Hack

London police say 19-year-old has hacked a "number of international businesses," looking into connections with LulzSec.

Who Hacked Sega? LulzSec Wants to Know

"Hi," begins an innocent-seeming note on Sega's online network homepage. "SEGA Pass is going through some improvements so is currently unavailable for new members to join or existing members to modify their details including resetting...

Reports: Sega Customer Database Hacked

Video game company Sega had a database hacked and sensitive information on about 1.3 million customers has been compromised, according to media reports.

The Week in Hacking

This week has seen an inordinately huge amount of hacker activity. Here's a summary of what's been going on.

LulzSec Attacks Gaming Sites ... Just for Laughs

The hacking group known as LulzSec called it Titanic Takeover Tuesday. Gamers called it by a variety of names, many of which cannot be reprinted here. But for system administrators at a handful of gaming companies, Tuesday, June 14...

LulzSec on a Rampage

Hacker collective Lulz Security, aka LulzSec, have taken down three high-profile targets today, with more to come from community requests.

Bethesda Site Latest Target for Hackers

In news that is becoming as regular as a weather report, another big game publisher's web site has been compromised by hackers. In a blog post on Monday, Bethesda Softworks announced an intrusion in their web site network that "may...

Lulzsec Sets Sights on U.S. Senate and Game-Maker Bethesda

The Lulzsec hacking group continues to cause headaches for IT staffers. On Monday it published data it obtained from servers belonging to the U.S. Senate and Bethesda Softworks, a Rockville, Maryland, game maker.

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