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Can Microsoft Xbox's voice as a remote control win the hearts of Siri lovers?

The big news today is the Xbox 360 update being pushed out to birth an amazing user experience; now your voice is the controller to navigate TV shows, movies, games, music and a plethora of content providers on Xbox Live. Engadget...

Sneaky Mobile Ads Invade Android Phones

Download the wrong app to your Android phone, and you may end up with ads on your home screen or notification bar.

Carrier IQ's Cell Phone Snooping 'Overstated'

Another security researcher suggests the intent behind the data-collection is not only benign, but intended to help customers.

Carrier IQ, Mobile Services Grilled Over Spyware Charges

Handset makers and carriers scramble to explain the tracking software on some devices, while congress demands details.

Hackers Use Siri to Set the Thermostat and More

Hackers connect Siri to a proxy server to control a thermostat, change the TV channel, post a tweet, and more.

Security Firm Lists 'Dirty Dozen' Unsafe Smartphones

Android phones fill the list of smartphones that are left vulnerable because of infrequent software upgrades, Bit9 researchers report.

New App Encrypts Your Mobile Data Against Snoops

Hotspot Shield protects your mobile information from falling into the wrong hands.

Your Wireless Carrier Probably is Selling Your Personal Information--but Does it Matter?

If we don't actively protect our own data, does it matter if big businesses sell our personal details?

US Agencies to Test Emergency Alert System

Wednesday will be the first nationwide test of the system used to alert the U.S. public of disasters

Hacking Apple's Siri: Not So Easy

Porting Apple's Siri digital assistant to the iPhone 4 and iPad is proving to be more difficult for hackers

Kinect May Act As Xbox 360 Viewing Police With Parental Control Body Scanner

Microsoft wants the Xbox 360 to be the one-stop tech shop for all your entertainment needs: gaming, TV, movies, music and DVDs. But wait, there's more! Microsoft is trying to patent a Kinect 3D body scanner to estimate age and...

Massive Security Vulnerability in HTC Android Phones Claimed

HTC apparently modified Android in a way that leaves some of its phones open to hacks and data theft, researchers reveal.

Symantec Cloud-Based Service Seeks Out 'rogue Certificates'

Symantec this week introduced what it calls the Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center, a cloud-based service that works with an on-premises software component to keep track of SSL server certificates used by an organization. HP's...

Microsoft Accused of Collecting Windows Phone Location Data

The data is allegedly collected when a phone's camera is turned on, even if a user has chosen not to have data recorded.

Hackers Use Frequent Flyer Miles As Currency

Unsatisfied with stealing bank account information from their victims, cybercriminals steal frequent flyer miles, too. The miles are used as currency among some of the miscreants, according to a report released today by the malware...

Mobile Malware is on the Rise, but There's No Need to Panic

Using data collected from its Mobile Threat Network, Lookout today released a full report on the state of mobile malware and security. The report covers both Android and iOS, and compares the risks that both platforms face. You can...

Your Old Smartphone's Data Can Come Back to Haunt You

Your old cell phone data can reemerge from the past to haunt you. Whether it's because sellers are lazy or naive, cast-off phones still contain troves of information about their former users. And as phones get smarter, they're ever...

FTC's Brill: New Online Privacy Tools Needed

The mobile industry should adopt do-not-track tools, an FTC commissioner says.

PCI Council Says Mobile Payment Apps Can Meet Security Standard

The PCI Council Friday released a list of mobile payment app types that are eligible to meet its security standard; analysts critical of incomplete list.

NSA Wants Bulletproof Smartphone, Tablet Security

The National Security Agency, America's high-tech spy agency which also plays a key role in approving hardware and software for use by the Department of Defense, wants to be able to outfit military personnel with commercial...

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