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6 takeaways (and 3 predictions) from CISO meetings at the RSA Conference

The most effective way for divining the current state of enterprise cybersecurity practices is to talk to a number of CISOs representing different industries and to distill those conversations into an overall model.

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How consumer omnichannel authentication benefits businesses

Consumers want the same authentication experience across all channels without the hassle of remembering passwords, pins, etc. Consumer omnichannel authentication is transforming businesses and providing key benefits, including...

hunting and monitoring security threats

Cyberwar: Silicon Valley’s new bright, shiny thing

Tech companies are hoping you forget history and ignore their culpability.

11 regulations

What small business owners should know about GDPR and why

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into force May 25, 2018. Learn what small-business owners need to know about GDPR and why it matters.

uncle sammy

Insuring Uncle Sam’s cyber risk

The insurance sector needs to have panel members that are already cleared and approved by the DoD in advance of a cyber incident being reported and arguably before coverages are agreed upon within the four corners of an insurance...

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Adopt the NIST cybersecurity framework (CSF) and harness the wisdom of crowds

The NIST CSF crowd-sourcing methodology is exactly what makes it so robust. It draws from every angle the priorities and use cases of its creators, resulting in a framework that adds depth and breadth to your organization, while being...

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Why you need both authorization and authentication

How to effectively manage IAM controls to secure critical assets.

11 regulations

Why mid-market companies face a tougher road with the GDPR

The rules and potential penalties of the GDPR will not fit all sized companies.

vulnerable gdpr breach security cyber attack

GDPR: one size does not fit all

Why mid-market companies face a tougher road with GDPR.

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Reduce cloud IT management headaches by approaching IAM the right way

Moving to the cloud has opened up new identity-related concerns and worries that we’ve never experienced before. The good news is businesses don’t have to fight the identity security battle on their own, and solutions, strategies and...

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Avoiding split-brain scenarios for security solutions

Security solutions can have split-brain personalities especially when promises, architectures, expectations, and real-world runtime do not match. Vendors and end users need to be aware of when the hands are not aware of what the feet...

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Are you going to meet your ‘Waterloo’ in cyberspace?

Why the dependency on a single platform is a serious problem – and why consumers and businesses need to diversify now!

supply chain

DOD releases new guidance to protect data within the supply chain

Companies supplying products and services to the US Department of Defense must meet 110 security requirements specified in NIST SP 800-171 or risk losing contract awards through a new set of risk scoring guidelines. The new rules...

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Going through the 7 stages of GDPR

How to cope with the pain and distress of compliance to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

ransomware breach hackers dark web

Another night at the information security museum

Firms need to put fundamental information security processes in place to ensure they don’t become ransomware victims. It’s not that difficult, people.

8 small business security

Doing security policies right

To maximize the effectiveness of your business’ security policy, consider these five essential areas during the creation and deployment stages.

Dana Deasy

The Top 3 cyber priorities for DOD’s incoming CIO

The DOD’s new top IT executive Dana Deasy will be an important cog in DOD’s big push toward universal defense cloud adoption, facilitating organizational changes that will make the military’s cyber defense more streamlined and...

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Negative motivation is not positive engagement

The barrage of fearmongering and FOMO over social media and advertising leads to a vicious cycle of negative engagement that builds anger and frustration that can’t be addressed by buying new products. We can break the cycle through...

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The immature security industry

The security industry often tries to do everything instead of putting focus on a singular area where we can make a real difference. This is a sign of an immature industry.

healthcare security

Is your organization a HITRUST org?

For good reason, there's now more focus on regulatory compliance for healthcare—which also includes a multitude of vendors and business associates to manage risk for and meet or exceed the Health & Human Services (HHS) compliance...

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