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facial recognition - biometric security identification - binary face

Facial recognition tech used by UK cops is 'dangerously inaccurate'

Overall, the facial recognition technology used by UK cops has resulted in inaccurate matches 95 percent of the time.

NSA surveillance

NSA tripled phone record surveillance, collected 534M records in 2017

A transparency report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence revealed a significant spike in the NSA’s surveillance of call and text records.

privacy breach - surveilling eye at a digital keyhole in a binary wall

Secret global government surveillance: I'll spy for you, if you spy for me

New report from Privacy International highlights the ‘dangerous lack of oversight’ for secret global surveillance networks and intelligence sharing between governments.

us flag surveillance camera

Senators try to reform law that allows U.S. agencies to surveil citizens

A group of U.S. senators introduced the USA Rights Act to limit surveillance of Americans' communications under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

surveillance camera in x-ray form

Skynet in China: Real-life 'Person of Interest' spying in real time

AI married to CCTV surveillance in China uses facial recognition and GPS tracking to overlay personal identifying information on people and cars in real time.

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