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Global companies say supply chain partners expose them to ransomware

A Trend Micro report reveals that 52% of global organizations have a supply chain partner that was hit by ransomware.

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How Australia and New Zealand CISOs can get ahead of supply chain attacks

With threats on the rise, Australia and New Zealand CISOs are facing the challenge that an attack on one organisation can become a common vulnerability.

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Breaking down CIS's new software supply chain security guidance

The Center for Internet Security offers best practices for securing each phase of the software supply chain.

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What is an SBOM? Software bill of materials explained

An SBOM is a detailed guide to what's inside your software. It helps vendors and buyers alike keep track of software components for better software supply chain security.

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GitHub to mandate 2FA for all code contributors by 2023

The world’s largest development platform will require all code-contributing users to enroll in two-factor authentication by the end of 2023 to enhance software supply chain security.

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Exiger launches data-agnostic supply chain risk platform

With supply chain risks abounding, extra visibility into potential problems could stand manufacturers in good stead.

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Anchore Enterprise software SCM platform adds SBOM capabilities

The new release of Anchore's software SCM (supply chain management) platform generates an SBOM (software bill of materials) for individual builds and steps in a development cycle, automatically triggering alerts for possible...

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Fortress creates center for security information on energy suppliers

Vendor library offers means to bolster supply-chain security through data sharing and communication.

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HackerOne calls for end of security by obscurity

The bug hunting platform offers a proposal for greater corporate cybersecurity responsibility and transparency.

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3 steps to supply chain resilience

Malicious actors are targeting your third- and fourth-party vendors, causing supply chain disruption and risk to your own network. Mitigate that risk by taking these actions.

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Russian cyberspies target cloud services providers and resellers to abuse delegated access

A new Microsoft advisory claims Russia's Nobelium group is trying to gain long-term access to the technology supply chain and offers mitigation advice.

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Detecting anomalies with TLS fingerprints could pinpoint supply chain compromises

Researchers at Splunk outline a technique, pioneered by Salesforce, that could detect malicious activity in the software supply chain, but with some limitations.

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Supply-chain attack on Kaseya remote management software targets MSPs

REvil ransomware pushers exploit zero-day flaw in Kaseya VSA to infect MSPs and their customers.

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Securing the software supply chain: A structured approach

Managing risk across an extended supply chain is extremely challenging for organizations of all sizes. The sheer volume of connected components that communicate, store, and process data will continue to expand the attack surface, and...

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GAO calls out US government agencies: Get your supply chain security act together

The US Government Accounting Office tells Congress that federal agencies have largely ignored its supply chain risk management guidance for nearly ten years.

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6 most common types of software supply chain attacks explained

Not all software supply chain attacks are the same. Here are the methods attackers currently use to corrupt legitimate software through third parties.

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Lessons from the SolarWinds attack on securing the software supply chain

The SolarWinds breach represents a tectonic shift in threat actor tactics, suggesting this kind of attack vector will be replicated. Not only were the attacker’s sophistication and technical proficiency high -- allowing them to stay...

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CISA issues guidance on defending against software supply chain attacks

The government makes recommendations for both organizations and software vendors to minimize the risk of software compromised by a criminal or foreign adversary.

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