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Chipmaker deliberately cripples user devices with driver update

FTDI, creator of a popular line of USB-to-Serial chips used by hardware hackers and embedded in a number of consumer devices the world over, is using a driver update to crush counterfeiters by rendering the fake chips useless once...

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Here are the limits of Apple's iOS 8 privacy features

The privacy improvements in the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system provide necessary, but limited, protection to customers, experts say.

Goodwill payment systems compromised

Just when you might have thought there wasn’t anymore staying power in the parade of stories about point of sale systems being hacked we find that even Goodwill isn’t immune. Last week the organization confirmed that their...

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New details suggest that Home Depot breach is nationwide

New information suggests that the Home Depot breach may extend to all 2,200 stores. Comparing the ZIP codes from the stolen cards available online to the ZIP codes associated with the improvements retailer, there is a 99 percent...

Why our lack of understanding on China may be the biggest risk

While China’s ability to wage cyber warfare is sure, the real risk to the U.S. may be its lack of understanding the eastern nation.

Vibram suffered five finger data breach

Vibrams hosting provider hacked.


ERP: Protecting the pipeline by focusing on business-critical platforms

In early July, news circulated that a Chinese manufacturer stood accused of tampering with the firmware of hand-held scanners in order to target chain resources. So what can organizations do about this type of threat, when they're...


Black Hat 2014: The challenge of securing embedded devices and IoT on display

Industry doesn’t yet fully realize extent of subversion possible through IoT security, researchers say.

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Insecure Connections: Enterprises hacked after neglecting third-party risks

Third-party security is continuously lacking, yet few leaders show concern or take action

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Study examines the problems with metadata and file sharing

A study by Workshare, a company focused on secure file sharing applications, says that 68 percent of the 800 professionals surveyed failed to remove metadata before sharing documents. Due to this oversight, potentially sensitive...

Six ways to prevent a breach like the one at AT&T

A data breach like the one recently reported by AT&T demonstrates that security policies alone are only a paper tiger without the technological teeth to make sure they are enforced, experts say.

Why you need to embrace the evolution of APT

Instead of cringing at the frequently misused concept of the advanced persistent threat, the smart play is to embrace the evolution and take three actions that guide a necessary shift in the way we practice information security today

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Purchase order scams now targeting construction suppliers

Earlier this year, Salted Hash reported on a wave of purchase order scams targeting university suppliers. Recently, scammers have expanded their scheme, by targeting industrial construction contractors and suppliers.

Who put the cockroach in my supply chain?

Businesses have always had concerns about supply chain risks but, for most businesses, those risks involve shipping delays, parts shortages and labor issues. But that’s starting to change as evidenced by CSOonline’s recent coverage on...

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Target credential theft highlights third-party vendor risk

Retailer discloses that attackers stole credentials from vendor to break into its network

Purchase order scam targeting university suppliers

Salted Hash has obtained a copy of a warning letter from Boston College addressed to all of their suppliers. In it, the university says that emails claiming to be from the school are requesting product quotes for merchandise and...

Amazon's promise of postal drones rides on a bed of hot air

Over the holiday weekend, millions watched as Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO, told 60 Minutes how he plans to use drones (customized octocoptors) to deliver packages. The service, known as PrimeAir , will fly packages that are less than...


A conversation with Graydon McKee on protecting intellectual property and "keeping secrets secret"

How do you protect the intellectual property of a company -- especially in manufacturing -- as it moves from groundbreaking idea to reality? That's the challenge Graydon McKee built a career solving. With expertise protecting the...

Espionage campaign targeting Asian supply chains uncovered

Kaspersky Lab has released details on an espionage campaign active since 2011, which targeted organizations in Japan and South Korea, which are key elements to Western supply chains

Working the kinks out of your supply chain

Improvements in speed and visibility provide payoff for business and security

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