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China and Germany in a dust up over cybersecurity

Germany calls out China on their lack of progress on bilateral cybersecurity efforts, while China continues to target German companies for intellectual property theft.

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Train your employees — before someone else does

Slashing overhead often means cutting training budgets, but unintended side effects often include employee attrition, poor performance, or even breach of your organization and loss of intellectual property.

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Firefox users are ticked after Mozilla secretly installed Mr. Robot add-on

Firefox users are ticked, questioning if Mozilla can be trusted after the Mr. Robot add-on was installed in Firefox without asking permission.


Espionage: Germany unmasks fake Chinese LinkedIn profiles

Germany's BfV says Chinese intelligence services targeted more than 10,000 German citizens in a massive social engineering effort that included LinkedIn.

6 collaboration

How collaboration and community fit into the security industry

Security automation and orchestration requires collaboration and community for success.

spearfishing trap

Forget Facebook, Twitter or Google – it’s the internet’s 'dark triad' that we need to protect ourselves against

Those platforms and services are mere vehicles providing a convenient platform for what was a much larger propaganda process made possible by spear phishing, trolling and fake news.

email virus threat attack

Business email fraud – financial scams under the guise of authority

A 1,300% increase in losses resulting from business email compromise is nothing short of an epidemic.

phishing threat

Is all fair in simulated phishing?

We’ve all heard the saying “all is fair in love and war,” but what about when it comes to simulated phishing?


Guy tracks down girlfriend via Snapchat Snap Map, stabs man she's with

Geolocation broadcasting like the feature in Snapchat Snap Map has its uses, but if left on all the time, it has very real risks.

Trump Twitter

Twitter employee deleting POTUS account is a lesson for all companies

A trusted insider turned the lights out on Twitter account of President Donald Trump, reminding us all how superuser access can be abused.

trump govt employees twitter

The power of a single insider – lessons from Twitter

A recent Twitter incident should be a great reminder for others on how one single person inside your organization can cause a significant incident with a lot of public exposure.

faces sharing

How information sharing in security and intelligence can benefit your organization

As security and intelligence professionals, it’s our duty to help protect our organizations and our communities from the countless threats and adversaries they face.

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Kevin Mitnick’s ransomware defense firm lands $30M investment

Kevin Mitnick's firm KnowBe4 has secured a $30 million investment led by Goldman Sachs.

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Man arrested after ‘good morning’ post mistranslated by Facebook as ‘attack them’

Israeli police arrested a Palestinian man after his “good morning” post was translated by Facebook as “attack them.”

Man pointing to security icon for email

Implementing DMARC: why email security should be the No. 1 priority

How implementing the email authentication protocol DMARC can secure your organization.

Insider tries to scam Dice after hacking company he sold to Dice

David Kent sold his social network to Dice, created a competing company, hacked the first company to build up the new company, then tried to sell the new company to Dice.

email cloud

How is your email security hygiene?

With the ongoing hacks of major corporations, many employees still don’t understand that when writing an email, there are security and hygiene issues that need to be considered before they hit the send button.

Man pointing to security icon for email

The incredible success – and utter failure – of email

Security is always a balance between convenience and openness, versus risk. In that respect, email is no exception.


How much is a good deal worth?

When advertising crosses the line into invasion of privacy, consumers need to ask hard questions about what personal data they’re giving away.

tom pendergast in the alps

Take a vacation—just not from cybersecurity best practices!

If you’re a person with privileged access in a company—executives, yes, but IT and finance and more—a criminal who has been watching your company and watching you personally could easily gather enough clues about you and your company...

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