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Google Explains Gmail's Spam Filtering Process

Now, when you click on a message in Gmail's spam folder, an explanatory note appears at the top

Oracle's OpenOffice Move May Be Too Little, Too Late

It's hard to say for certain what prompted Oracle to do an about-face on Friday and release to the community. After all, it was only a few short months ago that the company made clear its intentions to keep control of...

Skype for Android has a nasty vulnerability

Names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, contacts, and chat logs are all reportedly ripe for the picking in Skype's Android app, thanks to a vulnerability that could affect millions of users

How to Get More Work Done in the Morning

PC hassles come in all shapes and sizes. Usually I focus on concrete stuff like printer problems and Windows glitches, but there are more abstract hassles that merit attention as well.

10 Awesome Google Tricks You Missed

Getting the most out of Google products such as Gmail, Docs, and YouTube is a must if you're using them for business. However, the products are so packed with features that it can be hard to keep up.

Apple Should Be the Savior of Cloud Computing

Courtesy of a software developer friend, I had a chance over the weekend to play with the Mac OS X 10.7 preview release. As with previous versions, I felt that Apple is spending a lot of time solving problems people don't have. You...

10 Cool Things Virtualization Lets You Do

Virtualization isn't just for geeks or those who run enormously powerful servers. It offers something for everybody, and if you haven't yet dipped your toe into the virtualization ocean, then you're at serious risk of being left...

PowerPoint Alternatives: Presentation-Tool Showdown

PowerPoint has long set the standard in presentation software, ubiquitous as it is through Microsoft's Office productivity suite. Numerous alternatives have emerged in recent years, however, many of them priced far below the $280 cost...

Top 10 Google Apps Marketplace Add-Ons

It's been nine months since Google launched its Apps Marketplace. It gives third-party developers access to the same cloud platform as Google Apps for Business, which offers organizations tailored, private versions of Gmail, Google...

4 Reasons to Try LibreOffice

The Document Foundation on Sunday announced the availability of the first release candidate of LibreOffice, marking the approach of the first stable version of the brand-new open source productivity suite.

Master Your E-Mail (So it Doesn’T Master You)

I've seen a few reports that say kids these days think e-mail is passé. Heh. That may be, but for people who have actual work to do, the inbox remains the center of the universe. And I have some tricks to help you take that...

Big Brother's Creepy Little Brother Snoops as Productivity Tool

I've heard of hiding in plain sight, but some people choose to lift the veil protecting their privacy and expose all for the world to see. In this radical approach to privacy, some people want everything to be made public. Don't...

Four Must-have IPhone Apps to Boost Productivity

The Apple iPhone was born as a primarily consumer-oriented smartphone. But, Apple managed to change the smartphone rules and blur the lines between consumer and business tools--eventually being embraced by many IT admins and invading...

11 Free Linux Apps Your Business Needs Now

Despite the wealth of free applications out there, many small business owners continue to spend an inordinate amount of their all-too-scarce resources on software. Microsoft Office 2010? That'll be $499.99--or $279.99 if you can do...

Five Reasons You Don't Need Microsoft Office 2010

Have you looked at the new Microsoft Office 2010 yet? How many of its few, new features does your company really need? And are these features worth the investment? Here are five reasons your company doesn't need to purchase Office...

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