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Five tips for protecting your brand on social media

This summer, online payment service giant Paypal learned that bad guys had set up a fake Paypal Support page on Twitter, and then monitored the real Paypal Support page for remarks from customers. The bad guys responded to those...

Facebook gambles $16 billion on WhatsApp

Privacy groups urge US FTC to investigate WhatsApp promises

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission should stop mobile messaging service WhatsApp from sharing user data with parent company Facebook in violation of earlier privacy promises, several privacy and digital rights groups said.

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CISOs shouldn't wait until retirement for social security

A security industry expert says CISOs should be responsible for cyber defending the social media accounts belonging to employees at their organizations... and they should be doing it now.


Facebook axed human Trending News editors, algorithm immediately goes full-on FAIL

Facebook took human editors out of the equation, in favor of AI, and its Trending algorithm immediately served up fake, disturbing and rude Trending news.

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Privacy groups complain to FTC about WhatsApp policy changes

Privacy groups in the U.S. have complained to the Federal Trade Commission that changes last week in WhatsApp’s terms and privacy policy break its previous promise that user data collected would not be used or disclosed for marketing...

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Social media, the gateway for malware

Social media sites, largely outside of enterprise control, are rich with personal information for malicious actors

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Facebook, Google, Twitter lax on terrorists’ misuse of their sites, say UK MPs

A panel of U.K. lawmakers has described as “alarming” that social networking companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube have teams of only a few hundred employees to monitor billions of accounts for extremist content.

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Groups oppose US plan to collect social media info from visitors

Civil liberties and tech advocacy groups have opposed a move by the Department of Homeland Security to collect social media information from certain categories of visitors to the U.S.

Twitter suspends 360,000 accounts for terrorist ties

The social network today said it has suspended 235,000 accounts just since February for violating policies related to the promotion of terrorism.

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Tinder swipes too much personal information, says EU lawmaker

Some mobile apps' terms of use breach European Union privacy laws, according to Marc Tarabella, a member of the European Parliament.


Nextdoor: Tool for good or another paranoid cog in the spy machine?

Will people use the the private social network Nextdoor for good or turn it into another paranoid cog in the great spy machine?

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Victims of terrorist attacks in Israel sue Facebook for $1 billion

The families of victims five recent attacks in Israel are suing Facebook for more than US$1 billion, saying the social media site helps terrorists plan their violence.

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How social media is changing what can be said, when and where

There are many benefits to having your employees active on social media. Exposure, name recognition and free publicity come to mind. But there are potholes along the way.

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Privacy, risk and trolls: Dealing with the security challenges of YouTube fame

It seems a new YouTube star is born every day lately with thousands now making money and pursuing full-time careers in online video. But the popularity that comes with millions of viewers is not without its privacy challenges

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman

Does Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn present data privacy risks?

Will the merger of the “world's leading professional cloud with the world's leading professional network" present privacy or confidentiality risks when personal profile information is integrated across formerly separate entities?

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Company wants full access to your social media accounts to spy for landlords, employers

Would you hand over complete access to your private social media messages so a landlord or employer can decide if you are worthy of housing or a job? A UK startup believes you will and that you have nothing to worry about if you live...

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Twitter locks some accounts after passwords exposed

Twitter said it had locked and called for a password reset of some accounts after an unconfirmed claim of a leak of nearly 33 million usernames and passwords to the social network.

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Hackers could have changed Facebook Messenger chat logs

Here's a Facebook hack straight from the pages of the novel 1984: A way to rewrite the record of the past.

LinkedIn data breach still causing problems

LinkedIn's hacks prove the social networking site needs to protect data better and that users must follow secure password practices.

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7 ways employers can ensure new graduates aren’t compromising their networks

Learn how to keep an eye on those recent college grads

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