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Election 2016 teaser - Electronic voting, digital ballot boxes

How elections are hacked via social media profiling

What to expect in the 2018 midterm elections and how malvertising tactics will be used to target voters.

girl hands privacy stop

Can we use a social media model to improve privacy attitudes?

The advent of social privacy.

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US wants 5 years' worth of social media history from visa applicants

Extreme vetting may get even more extreme under a new proposal that asks U.S. visa applicants for their social media accounts, email addresses, and phone numbers.

donald trump

GDPR is more important than ever: The Cambridge Analytica-Facebook meltdown

Why its critical – existential in fact – for us to do our own “analytica” in this day and age.

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Facebook suspends firm that took 50M users' data, says it wasn't a breach

Facebook suspended Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica, which pilfered 50 million Facebook users’ data, claiming the collected personal data was not the result of a breach.

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The power of platforms

In an age of information, the most dangerous dual-use technology is not kinetic.

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Facebook survey about pedophiles raises concerns

A Facebook survey asked users if men should be allowed to ask kids for sexual pictures. It later admitted the survey was 'a mistake.'

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Facebook is sorry for text spamming 2FA users, blamed it on a bug

Facebook claimed a ‘bug’ was responsible for sending text spam to phone numbers provided by two-factor authentication (2FA) users.

Dislike! Social media addiction

Facebook's free VPN acts like spyware to iOS users in the U.S.

Facebook's new VPN service for iOS users in the U.S. claims to provide security protections, but it also tracks users -- collecting mobile data traffic.

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China and Germany in a dust up over cybersecurity

Germany calls out China on their lack of progress on bilateral cybersecurity efforts, while China continues to target German companies for intellectual property theft.


Espionage: Germany unmasks fake Chinese LinkedIn profiles

Germany's BfV says Chinese intelligence services targeted more than 10,000 German citizens in a massive social engineering effort that included LinkedIn.

spearfishing trap

Forget Facebook, Twitter or Google – it’s the internet’s 'dark triad' that we need to protect ourselves against

Those platforms and services are mere vehicles providing a convenient platform for what was a much larger propaganda process made possible by spear phishing, trolling and fake news.


Guy tracks down girlfriend via Snapchat Snap Map, stabs man she's with

Geolocation broadcasting like the feature in Snapchat Snap Map has its uses, but if left on all the time, it has very real risks.

Trump Twitter

Twitter employee deleting POTUS account is a lesson for all companies

A trusted insider turned the lights out on Twitter account of President Donald Trump, reminding us all how superuser access can be abused.

trump govt employees twitter

The power of a single insider – lessons from Twitter

A recent Twitter incident should be a great reminder for others on how one single person inside your organization can cause a significant incident with a lot of public exposure.

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Kevin Mitnick’s ransomware defense firm lands $30M investment

Kevin Mitnick's firm KnowBe4 has secured a $30 million investment led by Goldman Sachs.

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