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A frowning, anxious woman looks at her phone in shock and horror.

Cybersecurity startup launches mobile app to protect against phishing attacks

Israeli startup novoShield has released an iPhone app that protects users against malicious websites.

CSO: Have you met these hackers? [slide 04]

Iranian cyberspies use multi-persona impersonation in phishing threads

Iran-sponsored groups use fake personas of real people to add credibility to phishing emails designed to deliver malware through remote template injection.

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DNS data indicates increased malicious domain activity, phishing toolkit reuse

Akamai research discovers phishing toolkit reuse played a key role in increased malicious domain activity in the second quarter of 2022.

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3 ways China's access to TikTok data is a security risk

The security community weighs in on real-world scenarios in which China or other nations could operationalize data collected by online platforms and how to mitigate the risk.

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Cisco admits hack on IT network, links attacker to LAPSUS$ threat group

Cisco says an employee’s credentials were compromised after an attacker gained control of a personal Google account.

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How a Venezuelan disinformation campaign swayed voters in Colombia

A Black Hat presentation explains how Russia-aligned Venezuela influenced the presidential election in Colombia to its political benefit.

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Microsoft takes top spot as most impersonated brand in phishing

Microsoft tops Vade's phishing report, which has some good news: The overall number of phishing attacks declined in the second quarter.

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9 tips to prevent phishing

From rewarding employees for savvy security smarts, to showing them how breaches are relevant to their every-day duties, we've got the phishing prevention tips you need.

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Office 365 phishing campaign that can bypass MFA targets 10,000 organizations

The phishing web pages that this adversary-in-the-middle phishing campaign uses act as a proxy and pull content from the legitimate Office 365 login page.

A hand controls a small marionette. [control / manipulation / social engineering]

5 social engineering assumptions that are wrong

Cybercriminals continue to launch creative social engineering attacks to trick users. Meanwhile, social engineering misconceptions are exacerbating the risks of falling victim.

A hand controls a small marionette. [control / manipulation / social engineering]

Threat actors becoming more creative exploiting the human factor

Remote work, supply chains, commercial clouds offer threat actors opportunities to trick people into doing their bidding.

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PIXM releases new computer vision solution for mobile phishing

PIXM Mobile uses computer vision tech to identify and stop phishing attacks on mobile devices in real time, as a user clicks on a malicious link.

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New RAT malware uses sophisticated evasion techniques, leverages COVID-19 messaging

Nerbian RAT malware uses significant anti-analysis and anti-reversing capabilities along with multiple open-source Go libraries to conduct malicious activity.

A pattern of Twitter-like bird icons and binary code is broken / breached / hacked.

Musk’s Twitterverse and the future of misinformation

Security influencers weigh in with both concerns and curiosity over the future of the social network.


Chinese APT group Mustang Panda targets European and Russian organizations

Latest campaigns by Mustang Panda highlight the threat actor's versatility in terms of the tools and techniques it is able to use.

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10 top anti-phishing tools and services

Some of these solutions will help find and stop phishing emails before they can cause damage, while others will find phishers fraudulently using your business's brand.

A hook is cast at laptop email with fishing lures amid abstract data.

What is phishing? Examples, types, and techniques

Phishing is a type of cyberattack that uses disguised email to trick the recipient into giving up information, downloading malware, or taking some other desired action.

Social engineering  >  Laptop user with horns manipulates many social media accounts

Meta, Apple emergency data request scam holds lessons for CISOs

Fake requests from law enforcement gave cybercriminals access to sensitive customer data. It's a signal for CISOs to work with business to review and update processes for these requests.

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