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McAfee splashes $389 million for Stonesoft's firewall knowhow

Warms to Advanced Evasion Technique smarts

Infosec 2013: cyber security sector failing to attract new talent

Only 7 percent of information security professionals are aged 20-29

Security firm Trustwave targeted by phishing campaign

Fake PCI DSS scan alerts

UK still not training enough cyber-spooks, NAO report finds

Skills gap could take 20 years to fill

BS detector: Does watching Fox News or blindly believing PR studies make you stupid?

PRWeb published and then Yahoo republished a study claiming that Fox New viewers have a lower IQ than the rest of the nation. "Study shows that the Americans who watch Fox News have an average IQ of 80, whereas the national average...

For midsize businesses, there is a new way to spell risk: BYOD

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach. Online and offline, in IT departments and across...

You're REALLY doing it wrong!

Did you know, the world sends 3.5 million texts per minute?! No one forces us to carry smartphones with us at all times, but they are pocket spies so it’s no wonder why mobile phone tracking is the preferred surveillance of choice....

GitHub becomes friendlier for developers using Windows

Have you wished for an easy way to do social coding on a Windows computer? If so, then you are in luck. As millions of people know, GitHub is a way to collaborate and share code with friends or complete strangers. GitHub which has...

Analysts Weigh in: How to Prep for Apple IOS Device Flood in the Enterprise

Businesses might long for the relatively simple policies for corporate-owned mobile devices of the BlackBerry age, but today's realities are forcing them to prepare their networks for a continued onslaught of authorized and...

Do Smaller Businesses Think They're Immune to Security Threats?

Do small to midsize businesses (SMB) think they're somehow immune to security threats? That's the impression you could get from the results of a Symantec global survey that asked 1,900 SMB professionals responsible for information...

Data-Breach Insurance Caters to Small Businesses

With the proliferation of data breaches, The Harford insurance company is selling a new data loss insurance aimed at small businesses that might be put at financial risk if they lose valuable and sensitive data. The new coverage is...

Underground Economy: Mapping the Price of Pot Across the Internet

FloatingSheep is a cool site that takes the "collective intelligence" of geocoded data provided by web users and analyzes deeper meanings to it, which give insight and visualization into a realm that measures "how we interact with...

Microsoft Warns Over Password-Stealing 'Morto' Worm

Attacks servers using RDP

IT Consumerization Momentum and Implications

Pick up any tech journal and you still read headlines like, "CIOs must be prepared for IT consumerization." The articles in this genre proceed to warn IT executives that resistance is futile, IT consumerization will eventually...

New SMB Browser Tool Hunts Down Insecure Plugins

Vulnerability management company Qualys has invited small businesses to sign up to use a free online tool that can scan browsers for out-of-date versions and plugins that might be putting users at risk.

Microsoft Security Essentials struggles in antivirus tests

Microsoft’s popular free antivirus program Security Essentials has put in a mediocre showing in the latest quarterly tests from German test outfit, finishing second bottom out of 22 products.

IBM Tailors BPM for Small Business

IBM has configured its new BPM software for smaller organizations

Fortinet unhappy with tests showing firewall flaw

Security vendor Fortinet has hit back against tests by NSS Labs that showed one of its high-end firewalls along with products from other vendors could be hacked using a ‘TCP split handshake attack'.

Nigeria, Ghana and US named online fraud hotspots

Online fraud against UK merchants is at levels that have forced many to refuse orders from certain countries, with Nigeria, Ghana and the US heading the list, a new ecommerce report has found.

Cisco Fights for 'Fair Share of SMB Pie' with Unified Communications Gear

NEW ORLEANS -- Cisco this week unveiled two unified communications products optimized for small and midsize businesses, a market Cisco admits it needs to increase share in.

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