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9 attack surface discovery and management tools

The main goal of cyber asset attack surface management tools is to protect information about a company’s security measures from attackers. Here are 9 tools to consider when deciding what is best for the business.

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Two Patch Tuesday flaws you should fix right now

Vulnerabilities affecting both Outlook for Windows and Microsoft SmartScreen were patched recently — both could have wide-ranging impact.

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Why red team exercises for AI should be on a CISO's radar

As AI increasingly becomes part of systems under development, CISOs need to start considering the cyber risks that may originate from such systems and treat it like any traditional application, including running red team exercises.


Dell beefs up security portfolio with new threat detection and recovery tools

Dell Technologies has added improved MDR capabilities, cloud-based component verification, and a new cyber recovery solution along with a partnered threat management offering.

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DNS data shows one in 10 organizations have malware traffic on their networks

Akamai report highlights how widespread malware threats remain, noting the dangers of threats specific to DNS infrastructure.

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Akamai releases new threat hunting tool backed by Guardicore capabilities

Akamai Hunt combines the company’s historic DNS, WAF, and DDoS data with Guardicore’s segmentation and telemetry to detect and eliminate evasive threats.

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Microsoft tells Exchange admins to revert previously recommended antivirus exclusions

The antivirus exclusion might cause Exchange Server failures or prevent the detection of backdoors planted by attackers.

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Darktrace launches AI-driven vulnerability detection, alert system Newsroom

Newsroom uses AI-assisted knowledge of a customer’s external attack surface to measure exposure to detected vulnerabilities and provides a summary of exploits, affected software and assets.

5 top threats from 2022 most likely to strike in 2023

Study and prepare for these five threats and you will be well on your way to protecting your network, assets, and employees.

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10 dark web monitoring tools

Enterprises looking to get ahead of data breaches and data leaks can benefit from using dark web monitoring tools and scan for personally identifiable information and even respond to attacks. Here is a list of 10 such tools.

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Open Systems launches Ontinue MDR division, new MXDR service Ontinue ION

Ontinue ION promises faster detection and response, deeper understanding of customer’s environments, and the ability to maximize Microsoft security investments.


Expel announces MDR for Kubernetes with MITRE ATT&CK framework alignment

Expel MDR for Kubernetes addresses three core layers of Kubernetes applications: configuration, control panel, and run-time security.

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Remote code execution exploit chain available for VMware vRealize Log Insight

Researchers found four vulnerabilities in vRealize Log Insight that were relatively non-threatening on their own but lead to significant compromise when used together.

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9 API security tools on the frontlines of cybersecurity

Top API security tools can help hold the line against modern threats to the important and ubiquitous software development interfaces.

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ServiceNow to detect open source security vulnerabilities with Snyk integration

ServiceNow Vulnerability Response users will now have access to Snyk’s product that scans open source code during the development process.

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Nvidia targets insider attacks with digital fingerprinting technology

A new AI-based system from Nvidia sniffs out unusual behavior and ties it to users, in an effort to prevent insider attacks and protect digital credentials.

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Trustwave relaunches Advanced Continual Threat Hunting with human-led methodology

Cybersecurity vendor says enhancement allows for increased human-led threat hunting to uncover more behavior-based findings associated with specific threat actors.

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Perception Point launches Advanced Threat Protection for Zendesk

Perception Point says new platform has been built to help protect vulnerable help desks and customer support teams from external threats such as malicious content within tickets.

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