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10 cloud security breach virtualization wireless

AWS' Inspector offers vulnerability management for Lambda serverless functions

AWS announces new cybersecurity features in Amazon Inspector and Amazon Macie at AWS Re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas.

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AWS launches new cybersecurity service Amazon Security Lake

The service automatically centralizes security data from cloud and on-premises sources into a purpose-built data lake in a customer’s AWS account.

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EPSS explained: How does it compare to CVSS?

The Exploit Prediction Scoring System has its shortcomings, but it can complement CVSS to help better prioritize and assess vulnerability risk.

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Palo Alto releases PAN-OS 11.0 Nova with new evasive malware, injection attack protection

Web proxy support and SaaS security posture management (SSPM) are among new Nova security features designed to help businesses tackle zero-day threats.

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Why it's time to review your Microsoft patch management options

Microsoft does not appear to be updating Windows Software Update Services, but newer patch management options might be a better choice.


How to securely manage LAPS on a Windows network

Microsoft’s Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) enables local admin passwords to be set, reset and validated periodically. Here is how to make the best use of LAPS.

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Microsoft Event Log vulnerabilities threaten some Windows operating systems

Two newly discovered vulnerabilities have been found to impact an Internet Explorer-specific Event Log present on operating systems prior to Windows 11.

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Malwarebytes pairs new MDR, EDR for overwhelmed cybersecurity teams

Malwarebytes MDR (managed detection and response) works by pairing EDR (end point detection and response) technology with a dedicated team of security analysts, providing both automated and human lines of defense.

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3 actions Latin American leaders must take to reduce risk of cyberattacks

Threat actors are targeting government and private sector organizations across Latin America, so business and political leaders must step up to meet the challenge.

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TransUnion taps behavioral analytics to aid fraud detection, curb false positives

The new software, TruValidate Device Risk with Behavioral Analytics, is based on NeuroID’s behavioral analytics and is designed to eliminate false positives in the fraud detection process.

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Dashlane launches new Dark Web Insights tool, MFA authenticator app, small biz Starter plan

Password manager vendor releases new credential security and support service features, along with a new low-cost option for small businesses.

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Tenable aims to unify your cybersecurity with exposure management platform

Tenable tackles the issue of siloed security apps with a cloud-based exposure management system that pulls in data from diverse types of systems that track a company’s digital assets and identify vulnerabilities.

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LiveAction adds new SOC-focused features to ThreatEye NDR platform

A SOC-specific user interface that supports analyst workflows and enhanced predicative threat intelligence capabilities are among the new features.

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Recent cases highlight need for insider threat awareness and action

Insider threats can have a devastating impact even if the harm is unintentional. Here's advice to identify and mitigate insider threat risk.

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One in 10 employees leaks sensitive company data every 6 months: report

Departing employees are most likely to leak sensitive information to competitors, criminals or the media in exchange for cash.

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Hands-on cyberattacks jump 50%, CrowdStrike reports

Malicious hackers hone their tradecraft, reducing the time it takes to move from an initial compromised host machines to other components in enterprise networks, CrowdStrike says.

A user reviews data and statistical models. [analytics / analysis / tracking / monitoring / logging]

Top 12 managed detection and response solutions

These MDR services offer human and machine monitoring of your network to identify and respond to the most likely threats.

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Dashlane launches integrated passkey support for password manager with new in-browser passkey solution

Dashlane's passkey support allows users to authenticate to their password vaults without a password.

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