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Jamil Farshchi, CISO, Equifax
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12 incident response life preserver survival disaster recovery

Cybereason launches DFIR solution to automate incident response

Vendor says new solution takes forensic-driven approach to incident response that extends deeper value to defenders.

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The security user experience (SUX)

Security processes that treat the very users we protect as unwanted burdens and alienate them in the process are a path to failure.

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Who is your biggest insider threat?

Phishing simulations aren't enough for identifying your organization’s most vulnerable insiders or minimizing their risk.

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How JetBlue creates a culture of security

VP of Security Keith Slotter and his team have tapped 600 employees across the organization as part of a Security Champions program. The result is a strengthened security presence and an employee population engaged in security.

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5 ways to improve security hygiene and posture management

Security professionals suggest continuous controls validation, process automation, and integrating security and IT technologies.

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Ransomware, endpoint risks are top concerns for DFIR professionals

Digital forensics incident responders worry most about ransomware, but risks associated with remote work are also top of mind.

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ServiceNow adds new features to Major Security Incident Management Workspace

New features allow users to add their own report templates and format and configure reports based on requirements in MSIM platform designed to help teams track and resolve critical security incidents.

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8 keys to more effective vulnerability management

Wherever you are on your journey toward building vulnerability management program, these best practices will help you be more efficient and effective.

Red team  >  Hackers coordinate an attack.

Operationalizing a “think like the enemy” strategy

MITRE ATT&CK and new security technology innovation make this possible.

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Security asset management should be buttoned down. It isn’t.

Organizations struggle to understand what assets they have and whether they are at risk. This opens the door for exploitation.

HP security

New Magnet Forensics app automates, coordinates cybersecurity response

Magnet's new application, Automate Enterprise, is designed to speed up investigation and response to cybersecurity incidents by automating basic and repetitive manual tasks, and integrating detection and post-incident tools including...

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5 steps to run a successful cybersecurity champions program

Here's how others have launched successful cybersecurity champions programs to promote and encourage positive security cultures across an organization.

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NIST's new cyber-resiliency guidance: 3 steps for getting started

The updated guidance provides goals and practical implementation advice, giving organizations a place to start with their cyber-resiliency efforts.

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12 steps to take when there’s an active adversary on your network

These steps will help you respond quickly, without letting a crisis turn into chaos.

Eyeglasses rest on a binary field / code review / threat assessment / check vulnerabilities

Security hygiene and posture management: A 2022 priority

Disjointed tools and manual processes provide an incomplete and unacceptable picture of cyber-risk.

Tim Fitzgerald, CISO and SVP, Arm

Arm’s vulnerability management program has legs

CISO Tim Fitzgerald’s vulnerability management program has delivered measured improvements and earned the security team recognition as a business-enablement function.

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Collective resilience: Why CISOs are embracing a new culture of openness

CISOs are finding value in information sharing among trusted, vetted sources. Here’s how they are maximizing the intelligence gathered from these channels.

A stressed businessman with head in hand sits at a desk and computer in an office workspace.

The emotional stages of a data breach: How to deal with panic, anger, and guilt

Intense situations require both the security experts and stakeholders to be calm and focused, but that is easier said than done. This advice can help.

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