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Gate Smart Lock

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Why fake data is a serious IoT security concern

IoT devices create massive amounts of data, all which could be polluted to throw off operations, business decisions, and even machine learning models.

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Is your security operations center TTP0?

The new TTP0 community wants to do for SOCs what OWASP has done for web security. It will help CISOs improve their threat intelligence and threat hunting capabilities as well.

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7 best practices for working with cybersecurity startups

Security startups are often ahead of the technology curve and can provide more personalized service. Here's how to find the best of them and minimize risks.

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Bruce Schneier's Click Here to Kill Everybody reveals the looming cybersecurity crisis

Everything is broken, and government and corporations like it that way. But when people start dying because of insecure cyberphysical systems, the overreaction from panicked policymakers could be worse than after 9/11.We need to solve...

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Hacking smart buildings

Smart buildings are giant IoT devices begging to get hacked. A new report offers concrete advice on how to mitigate the risk to building automation and control systems (BACS).

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