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Samsung Challenging Intel for Market Leadership

Intel is facing increasing competition in the worldwide semiconductor industry -- but not from its traditional rival, Advanced Micro Devices.

Seagate-Samsung Deal to Spur HDD, SSD, Hybrid Drive Development

Seagate's deal to buy Samsung's HDD business leaves only three main players in the industry, which will spur development of next-generation technology as well as boost sales of solid state drive and hybrid drives.

Samsung to Sell HDD Unit to Seagate in $1.4B Deal

Samsung Electronics will sell its hard-disk drive operations to Seagate Technology in a US$1.375 billion deal that will create strong links between the two companies, they said Tuesday.

Samsung to Sell HDD Unit to Seagate in $1.4B Deal

Due to a reporting error, the story "Samsung to sell HDD unit to Seagate in $1.4B deal" that ran on the wire Tuesday contained an error in its description of Western Digital's plan to acquire Hitachi GST in the second paragraph.

Apple Sues Samsung, Says it Copied IPad

Apple has sued Samsung for allegedly copying the iPad, iPod and iPhone with its Galaxy Tab and Galaxy handsets.

Apple Sues Samsung, Says it Copied IPad

Apple has sued Samsung for allegedly copying the iPad, iPod and iPhone with its Galaxy Tab and Galaxy handsets.

Samsung cleared of keylogger accusation

Samsung says it is not using rogue software to record every keyboard stroke users make using Windows-based Samsung laptops. The denial comes after security researcher Mohamed Hassan accused the company in a Network World article of...

Samsung Series 9 laptop shows no signs of spyware

Are Samsung laptops shipping with software that will monitor your every keystroke, as one security researcher claimed Wednesday? We can't say for sure, but we couldn't find any trace of spying software on the one Samsung laptop in...

Samsung investigating report of keylogger on its laptops

Samsung Electronics is investigating allegations that some models of its R Series laptops contain keylogging software that could be used to record anything typed on the laptop computers.

Apple's IPad Faces a Mounting Challenge By Android Army

Last summer, Apple was far ahead of its would-be competitors: It not only led the tablet pack, it dominated, with 93 percent of the market share for shipments in the third quarter of 2010, according IDC. This summer promises to be a...

Samsung Windows Phone 7 Update Hits New Snag

After resuming the update to Samsung Windows phones on Wednesday, Microsoft is running into problems again.

Analyst: Market for 3D TVs, Portables to Grow in 2011

Sales of 3D television sets and handheld devices will surge this year after a weak start in 2010 as manufacturers step up production and marketing, an analyst said on Thursday.

Microsoft Resumes Windows Phone Update After Problems

Microsoft is again updating Samsung's Windows Phone 7-based smartphones, after technical problems forced a halt to the program, it said in a blog post on Wednesday.

Samsung Laptop Faces Off with MacBook Air

Samsung's launch on Thursday of the the ultra-thin, ultra-light, and premium-design 9 Series laptop puts it head-to-head now with Apple's MacBook Air - and so begins the war of the sleek laptops.

Rising Oil Prices Could Push Up Price of Electronics, R&D

Rising world oil prices threaten to raise the cost of consumer electronics and slow development by forcing Asian manufacturers to spend more on transportation and raw materials, regional economists say.

The Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Tablet

As one new tablet PC announcement after another surfaces these days, you may be asking yourself, "What does a tablet give me that I don't already get out of my computer or smartphone?"

Samsung, TeliaSonera Launch LTE Laptop

Operator TeliaSonera has joined forces with Samsung Electronics to launch an LTE-equipped laptop, which will go on sale Friday in Sweden, they said on Tuesday.

New Samsung Galaxy to Use T-Mobile's Fast Network

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G will be the first smartphone to take advantage of T-Mobile's upgraded HSPA+ network with a theoretical downstream speed of 21M bps (bits per second), the companies announced on Thursday.

Self-encrypted drives set to become standard fare

We've seen this coming over time: Based on the Trusted Computing Group's standard, hard drives and solid state drives (SSD), are offering self-encryption built-in.

Tablets, 4G and Auto-Tech to Lead Next Week's CES

You don't need superhuman precognition to know what will be big at next week's International Consumer Electronics Show: tablet computers. Companies have been rushing to catch Apple's iPad since it went on sale in April, and at CES...

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