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Pentagon nod shows Android can be as secure as BlackBerry

Samsung's Knox system for Android devices gets approval for use in government and military like the BlackBerry, once the gold standard

Samsung delays launch of Knox Android security software

Samsung's Knox software is expected to give the company's Galaxy phones a seriously business-friendly boost, but it may be facing delays.

Temporary fixes released for Samsung Android lock-screen glitch

By manipulating the emergency call screen, an attacker could get persistent access to a device

Samsung promises fix for vulnerability in Android devices

The vulnerability, which could allow access to the entire memory of a device, affects a range of Samsung devices

With blue-chip backing, joint venture firm looks to embed crypto technology in mobile devices, electronic payments

The London-based firm Trustonic made its official debut today to provide crypto-based technology for use in chips for a wide variety of purposes, including enterprise security such as VPNs, mobile-device security, payment services,...

Samsung devices vulnerable to dangerous Android exploit

A newly written exploit could be incoporated into an application that would have root-level permissions on a device

Samsung TV vulnerability could let a hacker change the channel

A vulnerability present in many Samsung TVs could also allow an attacker to turn on its webcam, researchers say

Samsung printers contain hardcoded backdoor account, US-CERT warns

Hardcoded administrative account in Samsung printers poses security risks

USSD attack not limited to Samsung Android devices, can also kill SIM cards

The attack that can wipe data on Samsung devices remotely can also be used to disable SIM cards

Samsung Galaxy S III secret USSD reset code discovered

Security team discovers secret USSD command that completely wipes Samsung devices in under three seconds

LAN attack can put some Samsung TVs in endless restart loop

Researcher finds serious remote denial-of-service vulnerability in Samsung TV firmware

Google Wallet Security Concerns Raised

Security firm Zvelo has discovered that the Google Wallet PIN can be cracked via an exhaustive numerical search.

Samsung Galaxy Devices Get Important Security Clearance

The new FIPS-140-2 security rating opens up the devices for use in government applications. What edge does this give Samsung?

Tech Stories of 2011: Jobs, Android and Anonymous Rank in Top 10

AT&T-T-Mobile, HP boardroom drama redux, earthquake aftershocks, Egypt going offline also make top headlines

Security Firm Lists 'Dirty Dozen' Unsafe Smartphones

Android phones fill the list of smartphones that are left vulnerable because of infrequent software upgrades, Bit9 researchers report.

U.S. Judge to Rule on Samsung Tablet Sales

Apple is seeking an injunction against Samsung while its patent suit is being decided

Why Samsung Took the Apple Patent Battle International

It is no surprise that Samsung retaliated against Apple's claims of patent infringement with some patent accusations of its own, but the fact that Samsung chose to file lawsuits internationally against Apple in three different...

Samsung Countersues Apple in Ongoing Patent Silliness

Are you sitting down? This might come as a complete surprise. Samsung has responded to Apple's patent infringement claims by...wait for it--countersuing with claims of its own that Apple is infringing on Samsung patents. I know,...

Samsung Sues Apple, Alleging Patent Infringements

Samsung Electronics has hit back at Apple with lawsuits in three countries alleging infringement of patents on smartphone technologies. Last week Apple sued Samsung for allegedly copying features of Apple's iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone...

Is an Amazon Tablet Inevitable? Yes!

At this point, all bets are on Amazon launching a cheap Android tablet with heaps of content. If the hardware is adequate, Amazon could shake up the tablet market overnight, and finally give Apple a single, legitimate threat.

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