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RSA: Elite cryptographers scoff at idea that law enforcement can ‘overcome’ encryption

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ call for a way to “overcome” cryptography met with scorn by a panel of elite cryptographers speaking at RSA Conference 2017.

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Notes from RSA 2017

Every year San Francisco plays host to a massive show in the guise of the RSA Security Conference. The city becomes awash in a sea of interlopers wandering about the streets adjacent to the Moscone Center with their name badges...

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At RSA, doubts abound over US action on cybersecurity

How should the U.S. respond to cyber attacks? That’s been a major question at this year’s RSA security conference, following Russia’s suspected attempt to influence last year’s election.

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Hot products at RSA 2017

RSA, the world’s largest security conference, is underway this week in San Francisco with attendees from around the world gathering to hear the latest strategies for fighting cyberattacks.

RSA Conference 2017: Security analytics and operations

At the upcoming RSA Conference, expect to see vendors talking about architecture, machine learning, threat intelligence and incident response automation.

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RSA Innovation Sandbox winners: One year later

With the annual RSA security conference just around the corner, we decided to touch base with the 10 companies selected as finalists in last year’s Innovation Sandbox competition and see how they’re making out.

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RSA 2017: The Internet of Things security threat

RSA Conference 2017 will take on the threat posed by the internet of things, something that was demonstrated last fall by the DDoS attacks that took down Dyn data centers and many of the high-profile Websites it supports.

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RSA: Expect business as usual now that Dell owns it

Enterprises should expect business as usual from RSA in the wake of its being swept up by Dell this week in the largest tech deal ever, with company executives saying it will retain a good deal of autonomy to carry out its strategic...

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Machine learning is reshaping security

At the recent RSA Conference it was virtually impossible to find a vendor that was not claiming to use machine learning. Both new and established companies are now touting “machine learning” as a major component of the data science...

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RSA catch-up: The video edition

Still busy after a full week of RSA news and events? Quickly catch up by watching our RSA video interviews and coverage.

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Privacy: Is it dead or just being renegotiated?

Modern technology may be threatening personal privacy more than ever before. But some experts at RSA said plenty of previous generations have felt just the same way.

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Hacking back will only get you in more trouble

Economic espionage is a serious problem with no demonstrably effective responses so far. But a panel of experts at the RSA conference agreed that hacking back is the worst of available options.

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Five things to consider before building a threat intelligence program

Rebekah Brown, threat intelligence lead at Rapid7, recently sat down with Salted Hash to discuss the basics for building a threat intelligence program.


The IoT liability jumble

The endless complexity of the Internet of Things extends to legislative and regulatory efforts to manage its security. A legal panel at the RSA conference said effective standards and management of legal liability issues are likely...

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RSA: Geolocation shows just how dead privacy is

Attorney David Adler spells out how the collection of geolocation data makes invasion of personal privacy easy and incredibly detailed.

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Apple goofed in several ways in fight with FBI over data encryption, renowned cryptographer says

Adi Shamir, co-creator of the widely used RSA cryptographic algorithm, believes that Apple should have assisted the FBI in decrypting the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters and choose to resist in a future situation.

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NSA asks Silicon Valley to help fight cybercrime, terrorism

The NSA is too big and slow to effectively fight ingenious cyber attacks without the help of Silicon Valley tech expertise, so it’s time to patch up relations between the two, the head of the NSA told a gathering of tens of thousands...

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Attorney General doesn’t budge on Apple and encryption in RSA talk

Lynch tells RSA Conference crowd that we can have strong encryption that lets law enforcement break it.

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Google CSO peers out from the fishbowl to talk security

CSOs would be wise to follow Google’s security operations and strategies because the engineering resources and scale will illuminate pending threats and evolving defenses.


Security startups hope to build venture-funded castles in the Innovation Sandbox

The Innovation Sandbox contest during the RSA Conference has produced a number of interesting ideas and products over the years. It's the first major break for many of the startups attempting to make it in InfoSec, allowing them to...

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