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Location data poses risks to individuals, organizations

App-based location data has been used against individuals, and that presents real risks for those people and organizations.

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4 reasons why CISOs can’t ignore climate change

Climate change is causing disruptions to the supply chain and critical services, and attackers are keen to take advantage of it.

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2022 CSO Hall of Fame honorees

Honorees will be recognized in-person at the CSO50 Conference + Awards at the MGM National Harbor Hotel in National Harbor, MD from September 19-21, 2022.

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Mastercard expands cybersecurity, risk services with new attack simulation and assessment platform

Financial services giant says new Cyber Front platform leverages more than 3,500 real-world threat scenarios and will help businesses and governments enhance cybersecurity operational resilience.

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Enterprises report rise in risk events, yet risk management lags

More threats to data, privacy are the top concerns of risk managers and are becoming “the new normal.”

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SolarWinds breach lawsuits: 6 takeaways for CISOs

Civil lawsuits aim to show that SolarWinds and its CISO did not take adequate actions to prevent a breach. Here's how security leaders can protect themselves and their organizations from similar claims.

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Cybersecurity litigation risks: 4 top concerns for CISOs

Cybersecurity and data protection are expected to become top drivers of legal disputes. What litigation risks should CISOs be most concerned about and what can they do about it?

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With AI RMF, NIST addresses artificial intelligence risks

The new framework could have wide-ranging implications for the private and public sectors. NIST is seeking comments on the current draft by April 29, 2022.

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Real-time is where the cybersecurity risk is

The massive volume of network transactions, messages and other events that occur in real time makes predicting the risk of an incident difficult, but not impossible.

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Exiger launches data-agnostic supply chain risk platform

With supply chain risks abounding, extra visibility into potential problems could stand manufacturers in good stead.

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Why metrics are crucial to proving cybersecurity programs’ value

Methodologies to measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity efforts exist. Tying them to the real world is the trick.

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What can March Madness and 538 teach us about cybersecurity risk?

The 538 March Madness prediction website has used data analytics to change the way fans watch the game. Cyber risk quantification can do the same for security leaders.

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6 steps to getting risk acceptance right

Understanding your organization’s risk tolerance is vital for informing cybersecurity strategy. Here’s how to ensure a risk-driven security agenda.

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Should CISOs stop using Russian security and tech products?

Using Russian-made security and tech products presents a moral dilemma and real risks for organizations, some not so obvious.

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3 steps to supply chain resilience

Malicious actors are targeting your third- and fourth-party vendors, causing supply chain disruption and risk to your own network. Mitigate that risk by taking these actions.

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3 biggest cyber risks from the Ukraine-Russia conflict

The threat of cyberattacks crossing Ukrainian and Russian borders is real, and these are the most likely risks that businesses need to consider.

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CISOs, beware of spyware tools for illicit competitive intelligence

Two recent court cases expose the capabilities of publicly available spyware and how businesses and governments use them for malicious purposes.

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New offering from DNSFilter targets shadow IT risks

DNS security firm's AppAware identifies risky apps and helps to subdue them.

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