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Cloud security threats  >  theft / breach / fraud / phishing
virtual connections / social networking / remote teams

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HP releases Wolf Connect solution for secure remote PC management

HP releases Wolf Connect solution for secure remote PC management

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Cyberpion rebrands as Ionix, offering new EASM visibility improvements

Ionix is adding a suite of new features to help extend the visibility of interconnected assets and deliver risk-based prioritization.

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9 attack surface discovery and management tools

The main goal of cyber asset attack surface management tools is to protect information about a company’s security measures from attackers. Here are 9 tools to consider when deciding what is best for the business.

team of hackers / organized attack / group of threat actors

China-based cyberespionage actor seen targeting South America

Cyberthreat group DEV-0147 is deploying the ShadowPad RAT to hit diplomatic targets in South America, expanding from its traditional attack turf in Asia and Europe, Microsoft says.

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Hackers abuse legitimate remote monitoring and management tools in attacks

Researchers and government agencies warn that threat actors are increasing their use of commercial RMM tools to enable financial scams.

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Flaws in MegaRAC baseband management firmware impact many server brands

The newly discovered vulnerabilities could allow attackers to gain control of servers that use AMI's MegaRAC BMC firmware.

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Action1 launches threat actor filtering to block remote management platform abuse

Action1 says remote management platform can now identify and terminate any attempt at misuse by attackers.

secure remote work

How remote working impacts security incident reporting

Security teams must update their security incident reporting policies and processes to account for remote work or risk exposure to increased threats.

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Malware builder uses fresh tactics to hit victims with Agent Tesla RAT

A new malware campaign uses the recently discovered Quantum Builder and sophisticated tactics to deliver malicious payload.

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Exposed VNC instances threatens critical infrastructure as attacks spike

Threats surrounding Virtual Network Computing laid bare as attacks targeting critical infrastructure increase.

FireMon network security policy management

Tips to prevent RDP and other remote attacks on Microsoft networks

Microsoft is deploying new features and defaults to help keep threat actors from remotely accessing networks, but you can do more.

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Splashtop teams with Acronis for remote security support

Scalable offering claims to allow security-focused technicians to troubleshoot problems without leaving Acronis console.

VPN / network security

How to choose the best VPN for security and privacy

Virtual private networks still have a place in the enterprise for protecting data and networks. Here's what you need to know when selecting a VPN.

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Remote code execution flaws in Spring and Spring Cloud frameworks put Java apps at risk

Users are urged to update both the Spring Framework and Spring Boot tool.

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CISOs, what's in your work-from-home program?

CISOs reveal how their secure remote work strategies are set up for the long haul.

wireless security vulnerability

Researchers warn about continuous abuse of unpatched MikroTik routers

Attackers are still exploiting unaddressed vulnerabilities in an estimated 300,000 MikroTik routers. A new tool will detect compromised devices.

VPN / network security / magnifying lens / country names

India Inc. has other options if VPNs are banned

VPNs can provide secure, remote access to an enterprise network. If their use is banned, there are other means for businesses to secure access.

VPN security vulnerabilities  >  VPN alert / warning / network servers

VPN risks: What the joint cybersecurity alert means for Australian CISOs

VPNs have emerged as a new vulnerability as remote work surges, as security centres struggle with patching software and identifying weaknesses, warn the Australian, UK, and US security agencies.

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