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Royal ransomware group actively exploiting Citrix vulnerability

At-Bay cyber research team believes the Royal ransomware group is actively exploiting critical Citrix system security flaw CVE-2022-27510.

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Cyberattacks against governments jumped 95% in last half of 2022, CloudSek says

India, the US, Indonesia, and China accounted for 40% of the total reported cyberattacks in the government sector.

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LockBit apologizes for ransomware attack on hospital, offers decryptor

The LockBit ransomware-as-a-service operation said it is against its rules to attack medical institutions, but the ransomware gang's affiliates do not always adhere to this policy.

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Ransomware ecosystem becoming more diverse for 2023

The decline of big ransomware groups like Conti and REvil has given rise to smaller gangs, presenting a threat intelligence challenge.

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Cuba ransomware group used Microsoft developer accounts to sign malicious drivers

The ransomware gang was able to use signed malicious drivers to disable endpoint security tools. Microsoft has revoked the certificates.

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New Royal ransomware group evades detection with partial encryption

The tactics used by the Royal ransomware group allow for fast and stealthy encryption and share similarities with the defunct Conti group.

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Ransomware attack knocks Rackspace’s Exchange servers offline

Rackspace’s hosting for Exchange servers remained offline Tuesday after an outage Friday that the company now ascribes to a ransomware attack.

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What is Ransom Cartel? A ransomware gang focused on reputational damage

The group combines data encryption with data theft and threatens to release stolen information on their website. But Ransom Cartel ups its game by threatening to send sensitive information to victim’s partners, competitors, and news...

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Cohesity previews AI-powered ransomware protection suite, Datahawk

Detection, data management and vaulting are all present in Cohesity’s new Datahawk SaaS application.

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Geopolitics plays major role in cyberattacks, says EU cybersecurity agency

State-sponsored threat actors have targeted 128 government organizations in 42 countries that support Ukraine, as ransomware and DDoS rank as top forms of cyberattacks, says the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA).

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White House ransomware summit highlights need for borderless solutions

Representatives from 36 countries and the EU agree that combatting ransomware requires international collaboration but legal systems need to catch up.

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With Conti gone, LockBit takes lead of the ransomware threat landscape

Two new reports show LockBit is now the dominate ransomware choice thanks to a void left by Conti and updated code.

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China’s attack motivations, tactics, and how CISOs can mitigate threats

A Booz Allen Hamilton report outlines global cyberthreats posed by the People’s Republic of China and gives some guidance on how to counter them.

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Ransomware operators might be dropping file encryption in favor of corrupting files

Corrupting files is faster, cheaper, and less likely to be stopped by endpoint protection tools than encrypting them.

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Ransomware is (slightly) on the decline, cyberinsurance company says

While ransomware attacks remain highly dangerous, data from a prominent insurer suggests that their frequency and severity is beginning to decline.

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US government indicts Iranian nationals for ransomware and other cybercrimes

The Department of Justice and FBI claim three Iranian citizens conducted a global cybercrime operation while separately the US Treasury sanctions Iran.

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Ransomware attacks on retailers rose 75% in 2021

Securing cyberinsurance coverage for retail organizations has become difficult because of the increasing number of attacks.

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Global companies say supply chain partners expose them to ransomware

A Trend Micro report reveals that 52% of global organizations have a supply chain partner that was hit by ransomware.

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