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Ransomware could target OneDrive and SharePoint files by abusing versioning configurations

A proof-of-concept exploit could make Office 365 or Microsoft 365 documents stored on OneDrive or SharePoint inaccessible.

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Nebulon bakes bare-metal Linux ransomware protection into the bootloader

The newest releases of Nebulon’s ImmutableBoot and TimeJump backup systems boast 'reboot-to-recover' functionality for Linux systems.

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Ransomware attacks are increasing with more dangerous hybrids ahead

The re-emergence of REvil and anticipated convergence with business email compromise actors are among reasons why ransomware gangs are still dangerous.

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11 infamous malware attacks: The first and the worst

Whether by dumb luck or ruthless skill, these malware attacks left their mark on the internet.

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How the Colonial Pipeline attack has changed cybersecurity

On the one-year anniversary of the Colonial Pipeline attack, industry insiders reflect on the event's effect on cybersecurity practice and perception.

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How the Russia-Ukraine war makes ransomware payments harder

The war in Ukraine has increased sanctions against paying ransom demands to cybercriminal groups and cryptocurrency intermediaries based in Russia.

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Ransomware roundup: System-locking malware dominates headlines

From a new ransomware group that demands donations instead of cryptocurrency to the possible resurgence of an infamous gang, these are the stories that caught the attention of infosec pros.

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Conti ransomware explained: What you need to know about this aggressive criminal group

The Conti ransomware group is less likely to help victims restore encrypted files and more likely to leak exfiltrated data.

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How Costa Rica found itself at war over ransomware

Costa Rica failed to implement the cyber-preparedness strategy that it laid out five years ago and now serves as an example not only to other Latin American nations but also to the world.

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New Linux-based ransomware targets VMware servers

Cheerscript plants double-extortion malware on ESXi servers.


Chaos ransomware explained: A rapidly evolving threat

The Chaos ransomware builder, now rebranded as Yashma, is quickly improving and being adopted by cybercriminal groups.

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WannaCry 5 years on: Still a top threat

As security pros reminisce about the ransomware’s anniversary, some note the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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CISOs worried about material attacks, boardroom backing

CISOs are also less concerned about ransomware attacks, but many says their organizations are still not properly prepared for them.

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What your cyber insurance application form can tell you about ransomware readiness

The annual cyber insurance application form shows what the carriers think you should be doing to best prevent and recover from ransomware attacks. Pay attention.

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Cohesity launches FortKnox to protect data from ransomware attacks

The data management vendor is adding strong data isolation and recovery capabilities with its latest software-as-a-service release, FortKnox.


9 most important steps for SMBs to defend against ransomware attacks

Here's how small- to medium-sized businesses can effectively protect their networks against the risk of ransomware without breaking their security budgets.

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New malware loader Bumblebee adopted by known ransomware access brokers

The Bumblebee downloader has deployed open-source penetration testing tools like Cobalt Strike and is delivered through spear-phishing campaigns.

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Ransomware plagues finance sector as cyberattacks get more complex

Cybercriminals have evolved from hacking wire transfers to targeting market data, as ransomware continues to hit financial firms, says a new VMware report. Here's what to do about it.

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