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Is your organization a HITRUST org?

For good reason, there's now more focus on regulatory compliance for healthcare—which also includes a multitude of vendors and business associates to manage risk for and meet or exceed the Health & Human Services (HHS) compliance...

Facebook Data Debacle - Android

Breaking down Facebook’s communications playbook

Lessons learned from Facebook’s response to its data privacy crisis, and how you can use them to protect your own reputation – even if you aren’t a tech giant.

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Can we use a social media model to improve privacy attitudes?

The advent of social privacy.

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Key articles in the GDPR for the enterprise

Major data breaches are on the rise and information law is rising in response. The GDPR is perhaps the most prominent example of this shift to a more customer-centric data protection ideology.

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Facebook secretly tried to get hospitals to share patient data

More fallout from the Facebook privacy scandal includes the fact that the social media company has been talking with hospitals about sharing patient data with it.

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GDPR: end user data loss prevention

The EU’s GDPR comes into force in May, bringing huge changes to data protection rules. But the risks are far wider than first thought. Without next generation technical solutions to support policies, enterprise data is not the only...


Biometrics in the workplace: what about consent and legitimate interest?

How can organizations processing biometric data for workplace security or fraud prevention use cases ensure that they are compliant with requirements within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? This article explores the use...


DHS detects stingrays in DC, but can't find the surveillance devices

The Department of Homeland Security says rogue stingrays, or unauthorized cell-site simulators, have been used in Washington, D.C., but it is incapable of finding them.

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US wants 5 years' worth of social media history from visa applicants

Extreme vetting may get even more extreme under a new proposal that asks U.S. visa applicants for their social media accounts, email addresses, and phone numbers.

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How the Facebook privacy debacle is connected to the movement of IAM to containers

Trust by Design can help us to build better and safer IAM platforms where the privacy of personal data is respected.

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Need for collaboration among security, privacy professionals extends beyond GDPR

We live in times of promising digital transformation, with AI, blockchain and an array of IoT devices among the technologies capable of positively impacting our personal and professional lives. Yet, enterprises need to mitigate the...

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The ethics of AI in the shadow of GDPR

Just because we can do something does not necessarily mean that we should. There needs to be a far more cogent discussion as to the ethics of AI and how data security and privacy will be addressed.

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Microsoft to ban 'offensive language' from Skype, Xbox, Office and other services

Microsoft will ban "offensive language" and "inappropriate content" from Skype, Xbox, Office and other services on May 1, claiming it has the right to go through your private data to "investigate."

privacy breach - surveilling eye at a digital keyhole in a binary wall

Are you letting GDPR’s privacy rules trump security?

An extreme approach to protecting privacy can actually make personal data less safe. Don’t overreact.

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8 security tools and tips for journalists

Journalists have a giant red target on their backs. How can we defend ourselves?

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Facebook security chief Alex Stamos reportedly planning to leave

Amid the mounting crisis from the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, sources say Facebook's security chief plans to leave the company.

donald trump

GDPR is more important than ever: The Cambridge Analytica-Facebook meltdown

Why its critical – existential in fact – for us to do our own “analytica” in this day and age.

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Cops use Google to obtain data about mobile devices near crime scenes

North Carolina police are investigating crimes by using area-based search warrants to force Google to hand over data about all mobile devices near crime scenes.

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Facebook suspends firm that took 50M users' data, says it wasn't a breach

Facebook suspended Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica, which pilfered 50 million Facebook users’ data, claiming the collected personal data was not the result of a breach.

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Getting to know your company’s risk appetite

Your employees make risk/reward decisions daily. Have you defined risk boundaries for them? Unwanted risk or missed opportunities happen without clear direction.

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