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The federal privacy bill: Intel gets the ball rolling

As momentum builds to pass a federal privacy bill, corporate behemoth Intel has drafted a bill palatable to tech giants. But will politicians take the bait?

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Amazon 'technical error' exposes undisclosed number of customer names and emails

Amazon isn't saying how many customers had their names and email addresses exposed due to a data leak caused by an unexplained technical error.

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Digital identity, the blockchain and the GDPR: A round peg in a square hole?

Can an immutable record and GDPR data subject rights co-exist? Why blockchain might not be able to deliver on data privacy requirements.

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Microsoft covertly collects personal data from enterprise Office ProPlus users

Experts raised privacy concerns when a data protection impact assessment found Microsoft covertly collects personal data from users of the enterprise version of Office ProPlus.

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Data exchanges know all about you; soon they'll impact cybersecurity

Our digital lives, physical locations and credit card usage are traded on exchanges. If there’s such a thing as “surveillance capitalism,” data exchanges are the closest thing to three letter intelligence agencies.

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7 unexpected ways GDPR and other privacy regulations make security harder

The GDPR and other privacy regulations are creating new opportunities for cyber criminals and roadblocks for security teams, while in some cases putting personal data at greater risk.

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Discord quietly changed ToS, clock is ticking for US users to opt out of arbitration

Discord changed its Terms of Service and the clock is ticking for U.S. users to opt out of the arbitration clause before being automatically opted in.

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Another government system breached; 75,000 people affected

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service confirmed a breach. Apple CEO Tim Cook wants Bloomberg to retract the spychip story. A Connecticut city paid a ransom to unlock 23 servers.

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Amazon patent gives Alexa ability to detect illness, 'emotional abnormality'

Amazon's Alexa may one day detect your real-time status, if you're sick, or if you have an "emotional abnormality" and target you with ads based on the voice analysis.

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Facebook wants you to put a Portal camera and microphone in your home

Facebook's Portal camera doesn't have end-to-end encryption, which could make it handy for police to tap your video calls.

blackvue dashcam gps mapped locations

BlackVue dashcams share cars' mapped GPS locations, stream video feeds and audio

Thanks to default cloud settings, BlackVue dashcam customers may be live-streaming video and audio from their vehicles, as well as having their location mapped.

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Review: Senzing uncovers relationships hiding within big data

Used to combat fraud or uncover accidental data duplication, Senzing is a powerful yet lightweight tool with an artificial intelligence that is actually extremely smart.

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Facebook security and privacy issues revealed

Last week saw Facebook dealing with security and privacy issues, while the Port of San Diego got hit with a ransomware attack and researchers discovered two Linux kernel bugs.

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Hey Facebook: Quit discouraging people from using 2FA

Facebook is spying on user 2FA phone numbers to target them with ads. A non-trivial percentage of Facebook users will not use two-factor authentication as a result, a net loss to security.

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US Customs and Border Protection fails with drone surveillance privacy, security

An audit by the Office of Inspector General found U.S. Customs and Border Protection failed to consider the privacy of drone surveillance data, as well as IT security controls.

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Forcing users to log into Google Chrome without consent raises privacy concerns

Google defends the forced login to Chrome when you access a Google-owned site, updating the Chrome privacy policy to reflect the new changes.

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Your gardener wants access to your house safe

What we would balk at in the real world, we give with impunity in our digital universe.

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More popular Mac App Store apps secretly steal user data, send it to remote servers

Researchers caught more popular Mac App Store apps secretly stealing users’ data and sending it to a remote server. Apple is working to remove the apps.

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