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email virus threat attack

Business email fraud – financial scams under the guise of authority

A 1,300% increase in losses resulting from business email compromise is nothing short of an epidemic.

facial recognition - biometric security identification

Information security – let's get physical

If we fail to leverage the combined power of both logical and physical security, we cannot possibly expect to fully secure any organization.

intel cybersecurity bg 1920

Securing the digital transformation of our critical infrastructure

We must ask how to better protect the critical systems we all rely on.

computer forensics

Do you really know what happened during that data breach?

Endpoint tool providers are redefining “forensics” based upon their own product’s capabilities. Make sure you understand the deep-dive forensic capabilities—and more importantly, the limitations—of any vendor’s platform before you buy....

eliminate insider threats 1

Insider information leads to fraud scheme, arrests and conviction

Employees at HSBC Bank plc used insider information to their benefit, defrauding a client and generating millions of dollars for themselves.

eyeball monitors

Beyond sandboxes: 'The Truman Show' approach to catching hackers

Deceptive technology has great potential as a counter intelligence tool that can completely turn the tables on the bad guys.

ermergency reponse siren

Policing in the future involves citizen detectives and a Pokémon Go-like app

Using the Automon app, a Dutch “police of the future” technology initiative, citizens can score points by finding stolen cars.

money bundles of US dollars

Social engineer bank robber arrested weeks after successful $142,000 heist

A Malaysian bank robber who used social engineering as his primary weapon in a string of thefts was recently arrested at his home in Batu Berendam, Malacca, three weeks after successfully walking away with $142,000 (RM600,000) by...

GitHub cat logo pumpkin carving

Protect and serve: fraud fighting finds a partner in machine learning

Machine learning is proving to be a valuable tool when it comes to balancing security vs. user experience.

spearfishing trap

Multi-stage spear phishing – bait, hook and catch

Multiple step spear phishing is the latest iteration in social engineering from sophisticated cyber criminals.

p1240381 11

Scammers sent follow-up emails in Office 365 phishing campaign

As previously reported on Salted Hash, a recent phishing email looking to harvest credentials was actually part of an ongoing phishing campaign targeting Office 365 customers. The campaign has been going on since late 2016, and is...


The time for convergence Is now

Until today, anti-fraud, security and authentication activities in organizations have operated as largely-separate domains, with IT ops even more separated, in most cases. It won't be easy, but convergences is going to happen, and...

us capitol building

Trusted insider at the federal level raises concerns

Charged with bank fraud, Imran Awan provided IT services to the U.S. House of Representatives for 14 years. Is he a white-collar criminal or something more sinister?

06 bank accounts atm

Fraud stories, part 2: digital identity and new account openings

Account takeover attacks are among the fastest growing cybersecurity threats that we face today.

texasflood relief

Volunteer your services, not your personal information

With the increase of natural disasters in the United States, more people are getting involved in the relief effort by donating their time. Ad-hoc volunteer groups are using free tools to join and lend a hand, but is their information...

Equifax logo with keyboard lock and credit cards

From Equifax to Equi-'enterprise'

By now the Equifax debacle, disaster, ineptitude...has been wildly chastised and 1 in 2 Americans impacted by this have (or should have) taken corrective action. There is a lesson to be learned here not just by you and I as consumers,...

quell cyber attacks primary

Cyber resiliency – a key to corporate survival (and sleep)

The recent major cybersecurity events – including WannaCry, NotPetya, and most recently, the Equifax data breach – underscore the need for organizations to be able to respond quickly to incidents (in some cases multiple incidents at...

p1240307 6

Office 365 phishing – A quick look at a recent example

On Thursday, an interesting email showed up in my inbox. The message says there are emails pending, because I've used 98-percent of my storage space. In order to fix this, I needed to download and save the attached configuration. The...

hacker hacked power grid

Hackers gain access to switch off the power in America and Europe

A new Symantec report claims sophisticated hackers have gained sabotage-level access to energy firms in the U.S. and could flip off the power at will.

innovation concept

Keep innovative fintech open to customers, closed to fraudsters

Although rapidly evolving frictionless payments market has created new revenue opportunities for financial institutions and has benefitted us as end users and consumers, it has also opened the door to increased risk and financial...

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