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Bridging the realms between cyber and physical security

Can there be better automated incident response for physical security?

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Insecure by design: What you need to know about defending critical infrastructure

Patching is useless most of the time, industrial control systems (ICS) security expert tells Senate committee.

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How to ensure that giving notice doesn’t mean losing data

The employee exit process often devolves into a fire-drill for IT teams. Having a documented process and a strong relationship with HR can help your team go from reactive to proactive.


7 ways to stay safe online on Valentine’s Day

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Here are some helpful tips for safeguarding yourself while trying to find love on the internet.

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10 old-school security principles that (still) rule

Oldies but goodies, these security tips have stood the test of time.

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The tangible threat of cyber-kinetic attacks

Connecting physical objects and processes to the cyber world offers us capabilities that exponentially exceed the expectations of science fiction writers and futurists of past generations. But it also introduces disquieting...

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Who are you really inviting in?

The hackable doorknob next door…

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Are home security cameras ready for business use?

Thinking of buying a consumer IP camera for use as a surveillance system in your business? Read this first.

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Information security – let's get physical

If we fail to leverage the combined power of both logical and physical security, we cannot possibly expect to fully secure any organization.

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Senators try to reform law that allows U.S. agencies to surveil citizens

A group of U.S. senators introduced the USA Rights Act to limit surveillance of Americans' communications under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

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Beyond sandboxes: 'The Truman Show' approach to catching hackers

Deceptive technology has great potential as a counter intelligence tool that can completely turn the tables on the bad guys.

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Social engineer bank robber arrested weeks after successful $142,000 heist

A Malaysian bank robber who used social engineering as his primary weapon in a string of thefts was recently arrested at his home in Batu Berendam, Malacca, three weeks after successfully walking away with $142,000 (RM600,000) by...

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Skynet in China: Real-life 'Person of Interest' spying in real time

AI married to CCTV surveillance in China uses facial recognition and GPS tracking to overlay personal identifying information on people and cars in real time.

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What is Stuxnet, who created it and how does it work?

Stuxnet is an extremely sophisticated computer worm that exploits multiple previously unknown Windows zero-day vulnerabilities to infect computers and spread. Its purpose was not just to infect PCs but to cause real-world physical...

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10 emerging ICS and IIoT cybersecurity companies to watch

Keep an eye on these companies in the growing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) security market.

red team vs. blue team

Red team versus blue team: How to run an effective simulation

Playing the role of an attacker can make your team better at defense. Learn how in our step-by-step guide to war gaming your security infrastructure — from involving the right people to weighing a hypothetical vs. live event.

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Global cyber reconnaissance against the energy sector

Media blares that our nuclear plants are compromised. Media is wrong. Again.

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Medical devices at risk: 5 capabilities that invite danger

It isn't just certain connected medical devices that put patient data and physical safety at risk, it's specific capabilities and systems within which they operate that make them a broad, and vulnerable, attack surface.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP): Security problems exist despite compliance

CIP is just one of 14 mandatory NERC standards that are subject to enforcement in the U.S. However, it gets a good deal of attention because this regulation is centered around the cybersecurity of assets deemed to be critical to the...

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Business response in the wake of terror attacks

Recent terrorist attacks, which share defining attributes of centralized intent and decentralized execution. Not only do these attacks demonstrate that the world has become more violent, but they also reveal that the public remains...

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