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6 reasons why your anti-phishing strategy isn’t working

Phishing is such a successful scam that appears to be here to stay — and only get more effective. From over-reliance on technology to confusing and counterproductive training, here are six reasons why your anti-phishing strategy might...

New cyberattack tactics rise up as ransomware payouts increase

Although threat actors continue to use phishing, brand impersonation, and business email compromise (BEC) as common tactics, use of less familiar attack methods to infiltrate global organizations have picked up, Proofpoint says.

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HTML smuggling campaigns impersonate well-known brands to deliver malware

Researchers cite an increased prevalence of HTML smuggling activity including impersonation of brands such as Adobe Acrobat, Google Drive, and the US Postal Service.

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How AI chatbot ChatGPT changes the phishing game

The Microsoft-backed free chatbot is improving fast and can not only write emails, essays but can also code. ChatGPT is also polyglot and that could facilitate and increase exponentially phishing attacks.

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Study shows attackers can use ChatGPT to significantly enhance phishing and BEC scams

Researchers demonstrate how attackers can use the GPT-3 natural language model to launch more effective, harder-to-detect phishing and business email compromise campaigns.

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Attackers use stolen banking data as phishing lure to deploy BitRAT

Data from an older breach lends credibility to this newer sophisticated attack that delivers a highly obfuscated payload.

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Luna Moth callback phishing campaign leverages extortion without malware

Palo Alto’s Unit 42 investigated several incidents linked to the Luna Moth callback phishing extortion campaign that uses legitimate and trusted management tools instead of malware to exploit businesses.

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Global 2000 companies failing to adopt key domain security measures

Lookalike domains are targeting Forbes Global 2000 brands to launch phishing attacks and other forms of digital brand abuse/IP infringement.

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The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century

Data breaches affecting millions of users are far too common. Here are some of the biggest, baddest breaches in recent memory.

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Phishing attacks increase by over 31% in third quarter: Report

Cybersecurity company Vade reports that attackers sent more than 203.9 million emails in the third quarter alone, up from 155.3 million in the prior quarter

Detecting phishing attempts  >  A magnifying lens spots a hook trying to catch a fish.

Securing your organization against phishing can cost up to $85 per email

On average, organizations spend up to 60 minutes dealing with each phishing email identified in their email infrastructure, according to a new report by Osterman Research.

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Malware builder uses fresh tactics to hit victims with Agent Tesla RAT

A new malware campaign uses the recently discovered Quantum Builder and sophisticated tactics to deliver malicious payload.

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How cybercriminals use public online and offline data to target employees

A LinkedIn post about getting a new job turned into a potential phishing scam. Similar incidents are more common than you might think.

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Cybersecurity startup launches mobile app to protect against phishing attacks

Israeli startup novoShield has released an iPhone app that protects users against malicious websites.

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Iranian cyberspies use multi-persona impersonation in phishing threads

Iran-sponsored groups use fake personas of real people to add credibility to phishing emails designed to deliver malware through remote template injection.

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DNS data indicates increased malicious domain activity, phishing toolkit reuse

Akamai research discovers phishing toolkit reuse played a key role in increased malicious domain activity in the second quarter of 2022.

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Cisco admits hack on IT network, links attacker to LAPSUS$ threat group

Cisco says an employee’s credentials were compromised after an attacker gained control of a personal Google account.

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Microsoft takes top spot as most impersonated brand in phishing

Microsoft tops Vade's phishing report, which has some good news: The overall number of phishing attacks declined in the second quarter.

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