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Controversy over Japanese app that published up to 760,000 personal addresses

A security firm says the Android app put up to 760,000 address book entries from 3,400 users into a searchable public database

'We will find you' marketing gone wild: Candy bars that guarantee stalkers

Yarr and ahoy mateys as on the 10th annual International Talk Like A Pirate Day here's some chocolate and sunshiny news.What do you get when you mix technology with candy bars? In a cool yet creepy marketing campaign, Nestle plans to...

These companies help with everything from BYOD to MPLS backup, security management and enterprise search

I get to meet a lot of interesting companies in my capacity here at Network World, some of them newcomers, some more established. Here's a roundup of a few that are addressing common problems: Enterproid: Founded by folks that...

Gmail, Google search integration not seen as security risk

While not seen as opening up new doors to attacks, privacy concerns may worry some enough to opt out, expert says

Copyright removal requests to affect Google search ranking

The goal is to reward sites that use content to which they're legally entitled

Google failed to delete all Street View data in UK

The company notified the UK Information Commissioner's Office that it had discovered remaining payload data

Managing the Google threat

Many users have "a relationship of convenience" with Google, but Babak Pasdar says security must be aware of how services identify, track and profile users

Privacy groups hail Google, FTC settlement over Apple Safari tracking

Likely $22.5M settlement largest ever levied by FTC on single company

Online data broker Spokeo settles FTC charges for $800,000

Company operated as a consumer-reporting agency without offering adequate protections, Federal Trade Commission says

Apple and Google Maps: Will eye-in-the-sky 'spy planes' place our privacy at risk?

During the keynote at Apple's 2012 annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), there was plenty of hype for Mountain Lion and how iOS 6 will support a plethora of 200 new features, but the new Apple Maps app will most likely cause...

Emergency Patches Pushed for Flash, PHP

The Adobe fix aims to cure a vulnerability in all versions of the player

Less than half of Facebook, Google users understood sites' privacy policies

A study points to notifying users within applications as an alternative

Google Posts FCC Report about Street View

The investigation raises ongoing questions about who at Google knew what about its payload data gathering from wireless networks.

Embedded data, not breasts, brought down hacker

FBI tracks down Higinio Ochoa using geo-tagged photos

Firefox to turn on default encryption for all Google searches

Firefox is used by more than 20 percent of all Internet users

Tangled web: Facebook, SEO, and black-hat tactics colliding (still)

As the ancient proverb says, we are cursed to live in interesting times

DuckDuckGo: Search Engine with an Eye for Privacy

PC-BSD has joined Linux Mint in making this alternative search engine a default part of its operating system.

Despite privacy concerns, Google still dominates search engine realm

Although Google's new privacy policies have proven controversial, that hasn't stopped the company from cementing its position as America's favorite search engine. According the latest survey from the Pew Internet and American Life...

36 State AGs Blast Google's Privacy Policy Change

Change will be especially troublesome for Android users, officials warn

15 Worst Internet Privacy Scandals of All Time

In honor of National Data Privacy Day this Saturday, Jan. 28, we've put together a list of the 15 worst Internet privacy scandals of all time. These high-profile privacy scandals involve many underlying technologies, from search to...

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