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Meltdown and Spectre patches: Where to start and what to expect

You need to apply Meltdown and Spectre patches to pretty much everything in your enterprise. And you need to start now. We help you prioritize.

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North Korea to blame for WannaCry, Trump administration says

On Monday evening, the Trump administration blamed North Korea for the WannaCry ransomware attacks back in May. Homeland security advisor, Thomas P. Bossert, published the administration's conclusions in an Op-Ed for the Wall Street...

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Which vulnerability to fix first? Kenna Security has the answer

Kenna's vulnerability management platform is designed to prioritize the most dangerous vulnerabilities. Here's how it works.

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Being stupid isn’t an excuse

Do what needs to be done to protect your business and be the example for others in your industry.

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Do you patch your systems? How do you know?

Can you answer this question: how do you know the laptop that shows up today in Tokyo is the same one that was in New York last week? Make sure you have a complete inventory of hardware and software so you can be confident your...

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Patch management – not for the faint of heart

If you're a U.S. consumer, you're likely pretty peeved at Equifax right now. By all accounts, a missed patch led to the exfiltration of highly personal data on more than 145 million consumers. If patch management were easy, Equifax...

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Change management: Equifax highlighted the vulnerability gap between disclosure and patch

The Equifax breach highlighted a gap between the disclosure of a vulnerability and the implementation of a patch as a result of change management process. Adversaries seek out unpatched targets in this period of time which...

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The 5 types of cyber attack you're most likely to face

Don't be distracted by the exploit of the week. Invest your time and money defending against the threats you're apt to confront.

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6 ways security pros unwittingly compromise enterprise security

Overwhelmed and eager to please, security professionals sometimes cut corners and take risks, unwittingly compromising enterprise security.

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The fault for ransomware attacks lies with the challenges security teams face

The realities of managing and protecting IT infrastructures puts IT and security personnel in a no-win situation when attacks like WannaCry or ExPetr occur, so stop blaming them.


6 security measures you’ve put off too long

The potent WannaCry ransomware is the latest example of a preventable security disaster. Here's how to get your security act in gear fast

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Why your security appliance will be hacked

You'd think a device built to protect your organization would contain supersecure code. Think again

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Vastly improve your IT security in 2 easy steps

Losing the battle against the bad guys? Keep your software patched and defend against social engineering, and you might start winning a few

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Better security through obscurity? Think again

Hackers may not target obscure apps as often as popular software, but your systems still won't be much safer

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Too many contractors spoil the business

Contractors have their uses, but companies that opt for them by default lose the valuable institutional knowledge that permanent employees can bring

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6 security distractions derailing IT

IT isn't dumb, but it's pulled in so many different directions that completing even one worthy security project seems like a major victory

6 security advances worth celebrating

In a world besieged by criminal hackers, we'll take all the good security news we can get. Here are six advances that can improve your defenses

4 basic security facts everyone should know

The bad news: It's you against an army of cybercriminals around the world. The good news: A little knowledge can provide an effective defense

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