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The OSPO – the front line for secure open-source software supply chain governance

An open-source program office (OSPO) can act as both gatekeeper and evangelist in an organization’s struggle to ensure ubiquitous open-source components – incredibly useful but vulnerable to bad actors and misuse – are deployed safely...

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Supply chain attacks increased over 600% this year and companies are falling behind

Most companies believe they are using no open-source software libraries with known vulnerabilities, but new research finds them in 68% of selected enterprise applications.

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U.S. government issues guidance for developers to secure the software supply chain: Key takeaways

The U.S. NSA, CISA and ODNI created the Securing the Software Supply Chain guide to focus on the software development lifecycle.

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8 notable open-source security initiatives of 2022

Vendors, collectives and governments are contributing to improve the security of open-source code, software, and development amid organizations’ increasing use of open-source resources.

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The Heartbleed bug: How a flaw in OpenSSL caused a security crisis

Heartbleed is a vulnerability in OpenSSL that came to light in April of 2014; it can be traced to a single line of code.

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OpenSSF releases npm best practices to help developers tackle open-source dependency risks

The npm Best Practices Guide aims to help JavaScript and TypeScript developers reduce the security risks of using open-source dependencies.

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Vulnerability eXploitability Exchange explained: How VEX makes SBOMs actionable

VEX adds context to software vulnerabilities to better inform risk assessment decisions.

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SBOM formats SPDX and CycloneDX compared

Understanding the differences between these widely used software bill of materials format standards is important, but your tools will likely need to support both.

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How OpenSSF Scorecards can help to evaluate open-source software risks

Scorecards automatically generates a score for open-source projects based on potential vulnerabilities and dependencies.

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GitGuardian launches ggcanary project to help detect open-source software risks

GitGuardian says its new open-source canary tokens project helps businesses detect breaches as they unfold.

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8 top SBOM tools to consider

These commercial and open-source tools will scan code and create software bills of materials automatically.

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What is an SBOM? Software bill of materials explained

An SBOM is a detailed guide to what's inside your software. It helps vendors and buyers alike keep track of software components for better software supply chain security.

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Auth0’s OpenFGA explained: Open source universal authorization

Authorization is an essential and non-trivial need in application development. Modern requirements have only increased the complexity of delivering adequate authorization. Auth0 aims to make authorization more standard and...

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Open-source software risks persist, according to new reports

Companies are still struggling to gain confidence in the security of their open-source projects, but shifting security earlier in the development process shows promise.

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For one software maker, an SBOM adds value to the product

At Instant Connect, an SBOM has become part of the product offering, says Chief Product Officer Wes Wells.

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GitHub open sources Entitlements IAM sytem, built as a Git repository

The company behind one of the most important open source projects in the world is providing a new way to use its framework for IAM (identity and access management) this week.

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Sigstore explained: How it helps secure the software supply chain

The free sigstore signing service helps developers establish provenance and integrity of open-source software.

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The Open Source Software Security Mobilization Plan: Takeaways for security leaders

The plan from the Linux Foundation and OpenSSF presents three goals to improve open-source software security during development and more effectively address vulnerabilities.

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