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A user reviews data and statistical models. [analytics / analysis / tracking / monitoring / logging]
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What are the new Windows 11 22H2 security features?

The September Windows 11 update add protections against malicious applications and drivers, phishing, credential misuse, and more.

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SEO poisoning campaign directs search engine visitors from multiple industries to JavaScript malware

The sophisticated campaign sends victims looking for business forms and templates to sites containing malicious files.

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Top 5 attack surface challenges related to security operations

The growing attack surface is extending the security/software developer gap, increasing vulnerabilities, and slowing security investigations.

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Most common SAP vulnerabilities attackers try to exploit

Unpatched systems, misconfigurations and vulnerable custom code are making SAP environments a top target for cyberattacks.

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Recommended security resources for Microsoft Active Directory

These resources will keep you up to date on how to best protect your Active Directory domains.

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In-app browser security risks, and what to do about them

Data security and privacy risks surrounding in-app browsers have been making headlines. These are the threats they pose and steps needed to minimize them.

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How Azure Active Directory opens new authentication risks

Hybrid cloud identity and access management services add complexity and opportunity for attackers to network authentication processes, as recently demonstrated for Azure AD.

A user reviews data and statistical models. [analytics / analysis / tracking / monitoring / logging]

Top 12 managed detection and response solutions

These MDR services offer human and machine monitoring of your network to identify and respond to the most likely threats.


Palo Alto adds new SaaS compliance, threat prevention, URL filtering features to Prisma solution

Cybersecurity vendor updates Prisma solution to help customers address increasing SaaS security challenges, along with detecting and preventing phishing, ransomware, and C2 attacks.

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Resolving conflicts between security best practices and compliance mandates

Sometimes the latest security best practices don't align with an organization's compliance templates. These are some of the areas where you might need an exception.

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Key takeaways from the Open Cybersecurity Schema Format

The OCSF looks to standardize and normalize the data that cybersecurity tools generate with the goal of making them work better together.

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Sorting zero-trust hype from reality

Zero trust is not a product, but a security methodology based on defense-in-depth and least-privileged access concepts.

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DNS data indicates increased malicious domain activity, phishing toolkit reuse

Akamai research discovers phishing toolkit reuse played a key role in increased malicious domain activity in the second quarter of 2022.

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Researchers warn of darkverse emerging from the metaverse

Cybercriminals see the metaverse as a way to launch cyberattacks, launder money, and carry out disinformation campaigns.

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Sophisticated BEC scammers bypass Microsoft 365 multi-factor authentication

Analysis of the BEC campaign reveal weaknesses in Microsoft's authentication system.

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Why business email compromise still tops ransomware for total losses

Losses from business email compromise (BEC) scams are about 50 times greater than those caused by ransomware. Here's why BEC is favored by cybercriminals.

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6 best practices for blue team success

Every stakeholder, from the CISO to even the red team, wants the blue team to succeed against simulated cyberattacks. Sticking to this advice will help make that happen.

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Universal database of device vulnerability information launched

DeviceTotal's new repository includes security data for all devices on the market with the aim to better mitigate vulnerabilities.

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