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Extreme takes aim at secure mobile networking

Extreme Networks is going mobile. The company today wheeled out a roadmap that will steer the company's product line toward mobile device and application access, availability and management support.

How one municipality is securing Google Apps, Docs

It may have been the ease of use and lower costs that drove the city government of Panama City, Fla., to use Google Apps and Docs, but state regulations and IT governance procedures made them look for a way to secure and manage the...

Samsung's 90 new Android APIs boost mobile device management, security

Samsung unveiled some 90 new APIs added to its Android implementation, including the tablet version of the mobile OS, version 3.0. The new APIs give third-party applications access to features not found on many other Android devices,...

Cisco Acquires Pari: What Goes Around, Comes Around

Cisco this week announced its intent to acquire privately-held Pari Networks, a provider of network configuration, change and compliance management appliances that was founded by former Cisco engineers.

Upgrade Your Business Network with Windows 7 Pro Features

Though Microsoft doesn't make a big deal of Windows 7's many networking improvements and new features, they offer a fine reason to upgrade from XP. There used to be many reasons to skip migrating to Windows 7; but as the operating...

Gartner Slams Cisco's Single-Vendor Network Vision

Businesses are better off deploying multivendor networks, no matter what Cisco and other large network vendors may tell you, according to a recent report from Gartner.

Nearly half of large mid-market and enterprise organizations will increase networking spending in 2011

According to the 2011 IT Spending Survey from ESG Research, 47% of large mid-market (i.e. 500-1000 employees) and enterprise (i.e. 1000 employees or more) organizations will increase spending on networking products and services in...

Viridity Software's New CEO: it's Not All About Green IT

New CEO Arun Oberoi doesn't exactly bristle at Viridity Software getting lumped into the Green IT vendor category, but he wants to make sure the Burlington, Mass., company is seen as more than that.

Is IOS jailbreaking an enterprise security threat?

Apple’s recent decision to disable an iOS jailbreak detection API has renewed debate over the enterprise risks of letting unauthorized apps run on iOS devices. We talked to a mobile security consultant for some perspective on...

WikiLeaks: Case study in Web survivability

In recent weeks WikiLeaks has been targeted by denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, had its hosting service shutdown, been bounced off of Amazon hosting, had its funding through PayPal, MasterCard and other sources shut down, and its...

What's in Your Network?

Documenting your network may sound like a mundane task, but it’s vitally important for IT managers to keep their network documentation up to date for a number of reasons.

What the IP Address Meltdown Means for You

The world is running out of IPv4 Internet addresses, without which the Internet can't function in its existing form.

How Can Employee-Owned Mobile Devices Be Secured and Managed on Corporate Networks?

With the rise of personal mobile devices, a growing number of enterprises have scrapped the homogeneity mandate: instead of requiring employees to use a standard smartphone, more IT departments are now looking at some degree of...

Enterprises Look for Help Managing Security Logs

Managed SIM services started to gain momentum over the past two years, largely due to compliance mandates such as the Payment Card Industry data security requirements.

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