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brad smith rsa 2017

Microsoft's president wants a Geneva Convention for cyberwar

Microsoft is calling for a “Digital Geneva Convention,” as global tensions over digital attacks continue to rise. The tech giant wants to see civilian use of the internet protected as part of an international set of accords, Brad...

windows closed

Microsoft shelves all February security updates

Microsoft today took the unprecedented step of postponing an entire month's slate of security updates for Windows and its other products.

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Microsoft says tech companies need to protect and not to help attack customers

During an RSA keynote, Microsoft said the world needs a Digital Geneva Convention and tech companies need to operate like a neutral Digital Switzerland, playing 100% defense and 0% offense.

windows reveal

Microsoft unveils a bonanza of security capabilities

Companies concerned about cybersecurity have a fleet of new Microsoft tools coming their way. The company announced a host of new security capabilities Friday morning as part of the run-up to the massive RSA security conference next...

20170130 3127871

97 companies file brief against Trump’s immigration ban

Several big tech names are among the 97 companies that filed a brief opposing President Trump's travel ban. They include Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Citrix.


Zero-day Windows file-sharing flaw can crash systems, maybe worse

The implementation of the SMB network file sharing protocol in Windows has a serious vulnerability that could allow hackers to, at the very least, remotely crash systems.

01 underattack

How to secure Active Directory

Russell Rice, senior director of product management at Skyport Systems, provides some ways IT organizations can keep privileged credentials for Active Directory safe.


Court denies US government appeal in Microsoft overseas email case

A U.S. appeals court will not reconsider its groundbreaking decision denying Department of Justice efforts to force Microsoft to turn over customer emails stored outside the country.

Legal law gavel hammer courts

Microsoft’s standing to sue over secret US data requests in question

Microsoft’s lawsuit objecting to the indiscriminate use by U.S. law enforcement of orders that demand user data without the opportunity to inform the customer may run into questions about the software giant's standing to raise the...

windows bug

Microsoft releases only 4 security bulletins, 2 critical, on first 2017 Patch Tuesday

Hooray, four patches later and you'll have closed holes in Windows and Adobe Flash Player.

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How to replace 5 major Yahoo services and delete your Yahoo account

Yahoo users have 1 billion more reasons to switch another major hack. Here's how to replace major Yahoo services with rivals and delete your Yahoo account.

windows bug

Dec. 2016 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft releases 12 security bulletins, 6 rated critical

Congrats for making it through another year of patching Windows! There are 12 this month, 6 rated critical and some which had been publicly disclosed.

kaboom windows10

How Windows 10 data collection trades privacy for security

Here's what data each telemetry level collects and the price you pay to send the least telemetry to Microsoft

Can FireEye up the cyber security ante through Microsoft partnership?

Security vendor gains access to data from every Windows 10 device.

https certificate secure website

Moment of truth: Web browsers and the SHA-1 switch

SHA-1 encryption is ending. Here's how your browser will react

microsoft surface book

Microsoft patches 68 vulnerabilities, two actively exploited ones

Microsoft has patched 68 vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, Edge, Internet Explorer and SQL Server, two of which have already been exploited by attackers in the wild and three that have been publicly disclosed.

windows bug

Nov 2016 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft released 14 security updates, 6 rated critical

Microsoft released 14 security updates, six rated critical, and a fix for the 0-day disclosed by Google.

email thinkstock

Make your emails more trusted with DKIM

There are authentication systems -- DomainKeys and its successor DKIM -- that try to mitigate some of the risk of trusting that emails are actually from who they say they are from.

world chess champion magnus carlsen

Microsoft to protect World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen from Russian hackers

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is about to defend his title against a Russian grandmaster; he's worried the Russians will try to hack him to obtain his strategies and turned to Microsoft for protection.


Microsoft to patch Windows bug that Google revealed

Microsoft plans to patch a Windows vulnerability next week that Google publicly revealed just 10 days after notifying Microsoft.

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