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Chaos for customers: Webroot flags Windows as malware and Facebook as phishing site

A bad rule in a temporarily issued update flagged crucial Windows system files as malware and caused chaos for Webroot customers.

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Customers roast Microsoft over security bulletins' demise

Users fume over extra time and effort added to their workloads because of the switch.

More Windows PCs infected with NSA backdoor DoublePulsar

Although the exact amount varies among security researchers, the number of Windows PCs infected with DoublePulsar continues to rise.

Bypass Microsoft's update block for Windows 7, 8.1 PCs running Kaby Lake, Ryzen

GitHub user Zeffy created a custom patch to defeat Microsoft's update block for Windows 7 and 8.1 users using devices powered by next-gen processors.

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Experts contend Microsoft canceled Feb. updates to patch NSA exploits

Microsoft may have delayed its February security update slate to finish patching critical flaws in Windows that a hacker gang tried to sell.

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Microsoft kills off security bulletins after several stays

Microsoft this week retired the security bulletins that for decades have described each month's slate of vulnerabilities and patches for customers.

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Microsoft kicks security bulletins to the curb in favor of security update guide

Bye-bye security bulletins. Dive into Microsoft's Security Update Guide to find out about the 45 vulnerabilities Microsoft patched this month.

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Email-based attacks exploit unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Word

Attackers have been exploiting an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Word for the past few months to compromise computers and infect them with malware.

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Here's how Microsoft is helping companies build IoT hardware

One of the biggest challenges with building connected hardware is getting from proof-of-concept (PoC) prototypes to a devices that are ready for a large-scale production rollout. Microsoft is aiming to help with that issue through a...

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Millions of websites affected by unpatched flaw in Microsoft IIS 6 web server

A proof-of-concept exploit has been published for a zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0, a version of the web server that's no longer supported.

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Microsoft axed search option after private files were shared publicly

Microsoft quietly removed the search option on after potential PEBKAC/ID10T errors; users set private and sensitive files to be viewed publicly.

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Blockchain can help secure medical devices, improve patient privacy

If implemented properly, blockchain can help secure medical devices and improve patient privacy, but the key is proper implementation, according to a top security pro at Partners Healthcare.

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Microsoft fixes record number of flaws, some publicly known

Microsoft's batch of security patches for March is one of the largest ever and includes fixes for several vulnerabilities that are publicly known and actively exploited.

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Microsoft stays security bulletins' termination

Microsoft today postponed the retirement of the security bulletins it uses to describe in detail each month's slate of vulnerabilities and patches.

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Microsoft releases 18 security bulletins, 9 rated critical, many bugs disclosed/exploited

For March's Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released 18 security bulletins, 9 of which are rated critical.

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Google discloses unpatched IE vulnerability after Patch Tuesday delay

Google's Project Zero team has disclosed a potential arbitrary code execution vulnerability in Internet Explorer because Microsoft has not acted within Google's 90-day disclosure deadline.

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Microsoft pushes out critical Flash Player patches with one week delay

After deciding to postpone its February patches for a month, Microsoft released one critical security update for Windows on Tuesday that contains Flash Player patches released by Adobe Systems last week.

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What’s up with Windows patching, Microsoft?

A month late? Seriously? It’s both outrageous and unsurprising.


Microsoft releases Adobe Flash Player fix, but doesn't patch 2 zero-day exploits

After canceling Patch Tuesday for the first time ever, Microsoft released a Flash patch. Fixes for the 2 vulnerabilities with public exploit code will wait until March.

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Microsoft still plans to ship two Windows 10 upgrades in 2017

Microsoft has reaffirmed that it will issue two Windows 10 upgrades this year, twice the number of 2016 but still shy of the firm's original plans.

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